Fast Food Nutritional Information and Facts for Weight Loss

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Most of us are conscious about the harmful aspects of stuffing yourself with fast food. Even then, the truth is that there is barely anybody who does not step into a fast food canteen once in a while or order French fries or a rich pizza now and then since the fast food customs has become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives. If you learn about what such fast foods will do to your meal plan’s nutrition, you will be in for a surprise! Get the complete details on fast food facts and fast food nutritional information for those delicious items from your favorite fast food eating places!

Chinese fast food nutrition facts

Prawn crackers might look like a light food however they are fried using oil and have plenty of fat and calories. Usually the veggie foodstuffs have lower fat content than meat items – veggie foods can still have high overall calories. Boiled rice has a lot less calories than fried rice. Please note that spare ribs are time and again loaded with too much fat to bring that pleasing taste. Very often, Pork and Duck dishes are the ones that have the highest fat among all the Chinese meat foods. A lot of appetizers come deep fried and this can result in too much calories.

McDonald’s fast food nutritional information

Hash browns “weight for weight” contains more calories and fat than a Big Mac or cheeseburger. McDonald’s usual milkshakes have less than ten grams of total fat – the calorie content is elevated owing to additional sugar. There are more calories in a large part of French Fries than in nine Chicken McNuggets. A double sausage & egg McMuffin has more calories and fat than any other solitary breakfast item. The hamburger has the lowest calories and fat among all the McDonalds burgers. The latest Big Tasty third-pounder burger has far more calories and fat than any other sole item. A big chocolate donut comes with more calories and fat than any other desert item.

Italian fast food nutrition facts

Habitually, creamy pasta sauces have high fat content. Sauces based on tomatoes are the right alternative. There are a number of Italian Breads that are served drenched in oil. And you should avoid Lasagne if you are planning weight loss – it has layers of cheese well loaded with fat. Always go for Pizza vegetable toppings instead of meat toppings. Opt for thin based pizza and use extra garlic and chilli instead of extra cheese or fatty pepperoni.

Chip shop fast food nutrition facts

Compared to fish in batter, fish cakes are far lesser in fat content. The batter allows holding more oil when the fish is deep fried. UK chips are particularly filled with salt, calories and fat. Mushy peas are a much improved chip shop option than various types of chips. A lot of chip shops employ palm oil as it is very cheap; however, it is has high saturated fat levels.

Indian fast food nutritional information

Pappadums are very high in calories but since they are usually consumed in minute portions the intake of energy is low. Korma and Biryani dishes are a few of the most calorific Indian dishes. And even though the fat in naan is intermediate they are very dense foodstuffs so the overall calories are lofty. Indian foods are habitually cooked in Ghee – essentially pure fat and lofty in cholesterol! Tikka dishes are typically lower in fat since the meat is cooked in a dry oven. Green Chiles used in a lot of Indian curries are high in vitamin C. Red chili powder is a great source of vitamin A.

Some people might need to keep away from sugars, whereas others may require lesser or more of certain mineral types. All these aspects can be supervised only if the diet facts are on hand. You might need to know these facts for a variety of reasons. Some folks may be on a diet and may want to know the particulars for balancing their diet. Others might have some medical conditions due to which they may need to keep away from foods having certain constituents. All these people have to be acquainted with the nutrition facts for picking the right food from the menu.

By and large, you will be able to get the whole thing from the fact food sheet the food chain presents. If it is not there, you should if possible get in touch with the officials who will then make necessary arrangements to get it for you. Usually, it might be a straightforward oversight that can be set right in no time.

All fast food facts for eatery menus listed above are meant for those trying to lose weight. It does not denote that any foods stated are fundamentally bad for health! You can read more products’ reviews at MOM ATLAS.


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