Foam Rollers: Your Gym Friend

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Foam rollers were once found only in therapy classes but now there are also used in the gym and even in crowd exercises. Foam Roller is the very changeable type of gym equipment because they are stable, cheap, and easy to lift. You can take it anywhere; people who are interested in this kind of exercises can store it at home too.

Before you give an eye on foam rollers you should know about a variety of different foam rollers and their benefits and when to use each one of them.

Low-Density Foam Rollers

Low-Density Foam RollersThey considered to be the lightest of them all because they provide a soft sitting surface, well, you should always go for low-density foam rollers if you’re doing hard exercise or when you feel stressed out after a harsh day at exercise.

However, sometimes you face a slight pain using this foam roller and that’s somehow true there are made to break knots in your muscles which are said to be trigger points and it’s like when you feel uncomfortable during the deep massage.

They can also increase your blood flow and loosen muscles, increase your movement and decrease injury risk. If you want to get the up notch information about foam rollers and other gym equipment, click here.

Firm Foam Rollers

Firm Foam RollersThey are a close compact form of foam rollers and provide a hard surface. If you’re planning on doing deeper myofascial pain release this should be your first option. Athletes who look forward to having a quick recovery use this type of firm foam rollers to train hard.

Understand this phenomenon that the harder the roller the more hard and intense it’s going to feel during the exercise. But you should go for a low-density foam roller if you find stress and pain using this firm foam roller. It helps in stress decrease exercise-related pain or soreness and prevents injury.

Short Foam Rollers

Short Foam Rollers

There are two qualities of this short foam rollers, These come in handy size let’s say half of the size of an average roller because when you want to focus on an area like quadriceps you may feel a little weird if you use regular foam rollers so this is what they are made of.

These short foam rollers are easy to use and you can take them anywhere in your bag when you’re traveling.

Bumpy Foam Rollers

Bumpy Foam Rollers

These bumpy foam rollers have a bumpy surface like the outgrowth of foams attached to it, This design of bumpy foam rollers hit the main point of the muscle which will quickly recover the knots your feeling in your muscle these firm waves of foam focus intense areas having one or more than one knots and deep muscle points.

Medium Density Foam Rollers

Medium Density Foam Rollers

If you are still confused whether to pick bumpy, short, firm foam roller don’t be worried and pick medium density foam rollers because they are designed in such a way that you can use it for all types of exercise whether it’s stretching or your routine exercise.

There are many merits of foam rollers. Since the foam rollers come into the market, all athletes and fitness trainers can easily boost up there workout and it also decreases injury.


  • It increases Blood flow: myofascial release through these foam rollers decrease your knots and pain in muscles. When you apply firm pressure on your muscle the blood stuck there is pushed out and replaced by the new blood.
  • During an exercise, movement becomes slightly easier and it can pull your muscle or can damage it too so better rolling on foam roller before a hard workout.
  • Foam rollers can cover the risk of any muscle injury as stated before a massage can help increase blood circulation throughout the body.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

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