Natural Remedies for Flu

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First, I would love us to understand what is meant by flu, you may be wondering that you won’t have actually landed on this page if you never knew what flu is in the first place. But always know that our thinking may vary.

Before going deep into details, I love us to understand what flu is.

What is flu?

Flu also known as influenza is a highly communicable and contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus which can be easily spread by coughs and sneezing of an infected person.

Flu is also known to be transmitted to mere hand shake of an infected person. Do you know that an infected person can spread this disease even without his/her been aware of doing such?

How? This sign and symptoms of normally will begin to show only after about 48hrs and become sick after about 7days of been contacted.

Here are some of the symptoms.

  1. High body temperature
  2. Headache and migraine
  3. Pains in the joint and limb
  4. Fatigue and tiredness
  5. Shivers and cold
  6. Coughs
  7. Sore throat.

There other gastrointestinal symptoms which are commonly known to affect more kids compared to adults. They include; diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Natural remedies for flu

Yes, for one reason or the other you don’t wish to order drugs online. There are actually ways you can get rid of flu at its early stage. Check them out below.

  • The power of salt and water: Firstly this mixture is has never been a friend of micro-organism; it is widely used for treatment of several bacterial, viruses, fungi causing illness. Talking of the likes of ring worm, mouth sores, stomach pain e.t.c. Most times the temperature of this mixture is not always favorable for some micro organisms to stay live. Same is applied to influenza so this how it works;
  • Ingredients required are salt, baking soda and warm water; all are required in very little quantity.
  • Mix the above ingredients
  • Squirt the mixture into your nose using a nasal irrigation kit.
  • Close one nostril with your finger while squirting the mixture in the other nostril.
  • Allow mixture to drain
  • Repeat the process up three times
  • Now treat the other nostril using the same method.

This will also free your blocked nosed, breaking all nasal congestions.

  • Hot liquids works fine: Talking of nasal congestion, dehydration, sore throat and other flu symptoms; hot liquids comes as a great reliever. Sometimes blocked nose won’t allow you sleep at night but do you know making an herbal tea could be a remedy for you? This is how it works;
  • Make a cup of warm herbal tea like fruit tea.
  • Add little quantity of whiskey but don’t get high lol.
  • Drink up.
  • In case you don’t know how to prepare fruit tea.
  • Have warm water bath: Trust me I won’t teach you how to bath here but here are what bathing with warm water does to improve flu.
  • It gets rid of dizziness.
  • You also get relief in your nasal passage.
  • The effect of soothing ointment under our nose: Remember it’s under your nose not inside your nose. There are soothing ointments you can apply at the base of your nose like the likes of Rubbs, Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus work well. They help in;
  • Relieving pains
  • Restoring irritating skin under your nose as a result of influenza.
  • Opening all nasal blockages.
  • Eating healthy foods: There are some foods that actually fight against infections like flu that are supposed to be eaten by an infected person. Some of them are listed below;
  • Vitamin C rich foods like bell peppers and blueberries have high natural aspirin which helps in lowering the level of fever in the body.
  • Chili peppers help to dissolve mucus in the lungs.
  • Cranberries fight against bacteria attacking the bladder and the urinary tract
  • Mucus in the air passage can also be broken up by taking mustard.

Like I said earlier, the remedies listed above works for flu at early stage. If condition gets worse, make sure you see your doctor.

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