P3Care’s Medical Billing Services for Medical Billing Agents

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I am a medical billing agent and work in a private healthcare clinic in New York. I was unable to collect and manage the entire necessary patient’s information in my system.  No matter, how hard I tried; I always ended up with a minor error in medical claim creation. Sometimes, I failed in collecting all the necessary data or sometimes, my billing staff couldn’t bill treatments accurately. I was very worried as it could lead to delays in reimbursements. Moreover, my whole team was wholly consumed in the medical billing process to provide services according to the quality payment program.  But, our efforts didn’t contribute to the success and improvement of the respective healthcare clinic.

Then, I along with my professional team decided that we should take some professional help; that can remove errors in our medical billing system and allow us to use our resources effectively. Moreover, that company should be renowned and professional enough to help us to easy our processes as providers by taking some burden off and ensure speedy first time reimbursements. We searched over the internet and asked for help from our fellow competitors. Then, we came across P3Care that seemed to provide all the solutions for our problems in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We found out that they had a broad and satisfied clientele across the entire United States. Therefore, we contacted them and asked them for professional help. They provided us with the following facilities to improve our medical claim creation and submission process as follows:

P3Care’s experts visited our place and reviewed our whole medical billing system. Although, they provide many services they suggested us following changes in our system.

Provides EHRs Interface via Software

Electronic healthcare records are now a basic necessity in modern healthcare billing system. We used to collect and manage information manually. Information regarding insurance coverage plan is also necessary which we couldn’t handle that resulted in human errors in medical bill creation.   This process was not automated, therefore; we often experienced delays in getting proper reimbursements.

P3Care’s professional software developers developed electronic healthcare records (EHRs) for us as per our technical specifications. The software interface was so easy-to-use that our staff didn’t have any difficulty using it. We were able to enter as much data as required quickly.  Moreover, records were so easily accessible equally via web and mobile application development services. Not only data was easily manageable, but the patient’s medical billing services history with X-rays and EMIs images are also seen along with his information.

It was once difficult for us to inform patients about their progress because of mishandling of data.  A lot of time and resources were consumed. But, now with P3care help, we quickly and efficiently provide relevant information to patients.  They can easily view their profile online and even update their medical information if required. It has made easy for all us to speed up the process of claim creation.

Helps to Easily Manage Information

By P3care’s HER- software development service, we can efficiently manage relevant information. We have cut a massive amount of cost by reducing paper consumption for data entry.  Earlier, it was difficult for us to transfer data to patients or insurance companies. Now we are capable of moving information digitally. We can also now submit medical claims with double the speed to the insurance company. It also gives our staff time to manage and review denied medical claims.

Along with EHR, our clinic has sought help in generating statement slips for patients informing them about the progress of their medical claim. With the secure transfer of information, we are also able to get fast and accurate reimbursements. Human error is reduced, and therefore, our number of precise claim submission is also increased.

They have also maintained a database for our system that is attached with EHRs so that when a record is created or updated, our system is automatically updated too.  This database also serves as a backup in case of system crash.

Provide HIPAA- Complaint Services

Medical billing process runs on the information collection and submission. Hence, it is crucial that information shall be maintained in a secure environment as per MACRA and MIPS guidelines. P3Care professionals helped us to secure data by incorporating several data- security parameters to our system. Only authorized persons can access relevant records by multi-step security verification method. Hence, they have helped us with not only data storage but also provided us with HIPAA – complaint services.

No unauthorized person can access the patient’s private data neither can he use it for irrelevant or fraud purposes. Now, our patients trust us more with our billing services. They know that their data is kept private hence; they easily share their private and relevant information with us such as; insurance coverage. It has led us to create more accurate and precise medical claims in a secure environment.

Medical Billing for Pathology and Clinical Lab Services

Healthcare services not only are consisted of diagnosis and treatment procedures by physicians or nurses; but non-physician staff such as; pathology and clinical lab services are also included in it. Our billing services once created medical claims for all the medical services included pathology and clinical lab services. Sometimes, these clinical labs experts didn’t get proper reimbursements for their work.

But, P3Care follows international standards. They suggested us to document pathology and clinical lab services separately in the bill.  EHRs have been a great help in this context. We are now able to document each lab test along with the rendered services. Medical billing has become easy for us.

We now easily create and submit medical bills that help us to get accurate reimbursements for our pathology and clinical lab experts as well.

Final Thoughts

P3Care’s medical billing services have boosted our billing system. Their experts analyze the whole of the process and suggest necessary changes according to our budget. We now efficiently create and submit accurate medical claims and get speedy and more reimbursements. Hence, we can generate more revenue efficiently manages our account receivable. We are their happy clients and recommend everyone to use their medical billing services.

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