Why People Abuse Steroids?

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One of the main reasons why people abuse the use of steroids is that they use them to enhance their athletic performance. Though recent studies have shown the use of steroids to be lesser than 6 percent it is larger in earlier times. No doubt, testing procedures are sophisticated enough to deter the steroids abuse among the Olympic athletes and professionals.

But drugs produced fowling the latest designs are introduced to the market that escapes the detection. This induces the athletes to invest into these cheap steroids. Another reason people give about steroids abuse is that they take them to increase their muscular size.

Why People Abuse Steroids?

At times they also use these steroids to reduce the fats. These are the people who suffer from one of the behavioral syndrome named as muscle dysmorphia. This syndrome makes the men feel that they are weak and small even when they are not. Same is the case with the women suffering from this syndrome.

They think that they are flabby and fat even when they are in fact muscular and lean. It has also been observed that people who use these steroids in order to enhance their muscle size have gone through sexual or physical abuse. In a series of interviews, with male and female weightlifters, it was reported that 25% of these were the ones who were sexually or physically abused during their childhood.

Therefore they make use of these steroids to gain stronger and bigger bodies in order to discourage such attacks in the future. Particularly women, as they believe that having a strong built and muscles usually make men looking at them either as being unattractive or intimidating.

Then there are people who take steroids as a part of their high-risk behavior patterns. These are the adolescents who are involved in taking risks such as, driving, drinking, carrying arms, driving a bike without a helmet, and abusing other illegal drugs.

Whatever is the reason behind using these steroids, one should be clear that in-take of these without supervision causes side effects. If you are a novice in the bodybuilding industry then you should be very careful while adopting steroids for building and pumping muscles. No doubt steroids are facilitating in bodybuilding but it needs to be done under strict supervision.

Steroids and supplements are accessible in the market. These are different types of these steroids designed specifically for different age groups. In order to educate yourself more about the bodybuilding and related things, you are suggested to access www.whatsteroids.com.

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