Why High Emotional Intelligence is a Dire Attribute for Nursing?

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Upon countless occasions, students in the field of nursing are advocated to be empathetic. These frequent reminders can be in the form of extensive health to check the individual’s insight, seminars or through workshops.

In the field of medicine and health, one must already be aware, that ethics are given high level of importance. Even in your nursing essays and tests you must have been judged on the bases of your moral values and ethical sagacity. But these principles can be adapted through rigorous training. A person who is illiterate about any ethical reservations can also be educated – plus a supportive working environment can also help influence them. On top of that, they may even avail any essay writing service to prove that they have core understanding of the moral concepts.

But you cannot fake emotional intelligence, either you have a lower threshold or a higher power – but it can never be hidden. That is why it so crucial that future nurses understands and adapts this concept before being pushed into an emotionally and physically demanding practical life.

What exactly is Emotional Intelligence as Described Through famous nursing essays?

Emotional intelligence basically depends on selflessness and empathy. The idea that one can really put themselves into someone else’s shoes and feel their pain is what makes you empathetic. And the notion that you can put someone’s problems ahead of yours depicts selflessness. Many health department have discussed how you can actually increase your emotional intelligence and keep your calm in frustrating situations so as to not build a bad reputation. Most nurses tend to become cranky once the patient becomes too demanding or simply difficult to handle. But this precisely what you are trained in your ethical studies and asked to put forth in your nursing essays.

To grasp the concept better and actually adapt it in your daily life, we have listed a few pointers that can help you increase your emotional intelligence. Moreover, this is not a day’s job but it is definitely achievable. Numerous nurses have shared their experiences through nursing and have sworn open the follow methodologies.

  1. Listen to Your Patients Without Judgement

Often patients tend to confide in their nurses, since they are around them to frequently – especially if the patient is admitted for a longer period of time and is alone. Nursing essay explain how nurses are expected to be their patients secret keepers and they are expected to answer all their queries, listen to them without any bias also while maintaining a strictly professional relationship. Moreover, if you are catering a physically constrained patient, you must be extra careful about keeping their comfort first.

  1. Get Good Sleep

To avoid a cranky demeanor in the hospital, make sure that you are getting sufficient hours of sleep. Read nursing essays of already established nurses to understand how physically demanding the job can be – you have to make several rounds to your patient, maintaining their proper medicinal does and keeping their health in check. If you will be dosing off at work, you may not perform your duties well and might even end up being rude to the patient after numerous calls.

  1. Think Positively

Nurses are supposed to be a source of comfort as one nursing essay puts it. Hence, their mental health is as important as the patient’s well-being. That is why you must take care of yourself first before you become a healer for others. Practice a mantra for keeping yourself positive and block out all things negative.

  1. Stop Complaining About Your Patients with Your Coworkers

This is one of the crucial aspects of a nurse’s downfall according to numerous nursing essays written to track their experiences. Firstly, this habit of yours reflects upon your character and people are not always accepting of it – especially nurses who are trained to take the moral high ground. This could turn them against you. Moreover, once you inculcate the habit of speaking behind your patient’s back, you may unintentionally leak out confidential information related to the patient. This is a big no in the field of medicine. According to a few nursing essays, people have been fired simply because cases of unplanned abortion or other medical emergencies were divulged through reckless nurses’ banter.

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