The Best Birthday Gifts For The Ladies In Your Life

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No matter whether how well you know someone in life,  gift shopping for that particular one is never been easier. For getting a gift you should consider her hobbies, what she already have, what she hates and what she likes and so on. But of course, you should consider your budget too. The lady in your life can be for your mom, wife, girlfriend or for your sweet sister. Whoever it may be, do not wait until the last minute and make the shopping in rush. If you do so, you may miss out the personalized gifts for them. All the personalized gifts require at least 5 days of time for the preparation and shipping.

To help you in finding the special gift for her without taking your month of research, here we have listed the gifts that suit for the beauty addict to the foodies.

Personalized Script Ring


It is not an 18k gold plated ordinary ring that we purchase. It is a custom designed one with the sterling silver/gold plated ring. Often you could purchase this for less than $100. Since you can add a script or 4-12 letter word to it, pick the one that has an inside Joke among you two.  If you are gifting to a mom and she has a lovable fur baby, write their name on the ring so whenever she looks down she will smile at her hand, remembering you. For ladies, gifting a piece of jewelry is a fail-safe option. Though rings are small, It will never be something that you could be freaked off. It is from your heart for a special day on a special occasion.


best perfume for women


Women love perfume more than anything. It is a reflection of her taste and personality. So choose the one based on your understanding on her. What type of scent she likes, Floral, Citrus, Oriental, Oceanic or Spicy? What type of perfume does she wear for her favorite occasions? Perfume choices are similar to that of fashion choices. It even differs according to ages. Teenagers opt for a perfume by their peers or by choosing the one that celebrity wears. If your girlfriend is a teenager, you can choose the one that is signed by the one direction or Katty Perry or any celebrity that she is in fond of. Girl’s in their 20’s fall under the ads of magazine or TV. Women in 30’s are fond of “feel good” fragrances. Women in the 40’s are fond of pleasing others with their fragrance. By considering all these things in mind, choose the best perfume for women in your life.

Cosmetic Cases 

gifts for her

Makeup bag with her name or initial is a perfect accessory to gift any women in your life. She can make it as her work, school or travel toiletry to put it in her handbag or purse. You can personalize it with her name or with a picture of her favorite pet. Not only as a birthday gift, you can also give it as a gift to your favorite bridesmaid too. Plus it is a pleasant gift to give for any beauty addict. The cosmetic bag may look like an inexpensive one in the gift item, to make it make it match you can give one handbag or tote bag too.

Present Her The Little Things 

birthday gifts for her

Giving her the little things would make her happy. Are you surprised? Yes, it is possible to satisfy her with little things but that must be appreciated by her. Find out the things that she is in love with. You can gift her the best perfume since she wants to smell good, you could give her a box of chocolates, shades of nail polish, a dress, beauty of yellow roses. Decorate your room with balloons and surprise her with these gifts one by one. Gift her a personalized portrait with a happy birthday message. Her photo along with the words will look amazing when engraving on it. If it’s for your girlfriend you can even include a complete me cup to express your love. If you want to choose the little things as your gift, choose it according to her age. If she arrives 22 then gift her 22 little things and make the birthday more memorable.

Bouquet Of Flowers

boquet of flowers

What can make her happier than the flowers? By seeing the flowers a bright smile will appear on her face. Despite of the age, flowers make the great gift for anyone. You can choose several birthdays wishing flowers online or offline. If she is pickier in flowers make a flower arrangement according to them. You can even deliver a bouquet of flowers at a sharp 12’o clock depending on your city and the website you choose.

A Pleasant Dinner 

birthday gifts for her

Getting your family for the dinner is not a surprising thing but if you make the food, that too the food she likes arrive at your table by ordering in a restaurant that too with some special arrangements, that is real surprise. Make your friends and relatives arrive at the table. You can make it even more surprise by setting the chairs and lights on the terrace or balcony. Add few candles to the dinner table that give a romantic vibe. You can also pick few flowers like roses, lilies and lavenders that even give the night blooms. After setting these things, just make her to visit your terrace.

Hope these gifts will surprise the ladies in your life. If you experience something that made you happy and wants a redo just tell us.                                                                    


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