Money Spells that Work Fast

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money spellAre you in dire need of money in life? It could be that you have started a business of late and need to raise a sizable capital. It could also be that you have a considerable expenditure coming up and you have to amass a huge capital. Nobody likes to borrow from anybody yet at times we have to, especially when are in a financial crisis. But you will be glad to know there is another great way that will help you to gain money just in time when you need it- without putting you through the burden of debt. And the solution is money spell. In fact, there are some money spells that can actually help you to receive money instantly.

One such money spell is the one that you do with water, silver coin and lunar power. You have to cast the spell on a full moon night. First you will fill up a bowl with water and drop the coin in it. Then, you will take the bowl near your window and stand in such a way so that the lunar glow falls directly falls on the water. You have to hold the bowl with left hand & then you will slowly circle the bowl with right hand in clockwise direction. As you do that, you will chant the spell. It will be a  prayer to the lovely Moon Goddess to fill your life with wealth and prosperity. Now, you will repeat the chant 3 times & then spill water on ground. Next, you will put the coin back to your wallet. You have to spend for the first expenditure that comes across and this way, the money magic will begin to flow. It’s an extremely easy spell and a great one for beginners.

Another money spell that works real fast is quick money candle spell. This spell will be helpful when you need a good sum of money fast to get rid of some serious financial crisis. You can also use the spell to get rid of debt. To do the spell, you will need – green paper, a coin, a pen, green thread and green candle.

First, you will write what you have to achieve with money on the green paper. It could some amazing luxury that you crave for or the debt that you have to repay and so on. Now, you will roll the paper & tie it up with green thread. Then, you will light up the green candle. Place your coin next to it along with the tied up paper. Next, you will need to focus on the goal that you wish to accomplish through this spell. Then, you will utter the chant. Wait till the candle burns out and do not blow it off. After the candle goes off on its own, take the paper and get up. You must carry the paper with you always and make sure to store the coin safely inside your closet. Don’t throw away the candle residue. Gather it and place it inside your bag to ensure money vibes all around you.

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