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Hey! Sugars, busy in beautifying your skin? Wait! Give a look to your heels, are they as healthy as your facial skin? If yes, congrats and if not then also don’t worry, we are here for you with some easy and effective remedies, so just relax and go through the following article to get rid of those cracks in your heels.

cracked heels causes
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Around 7 out of 10 women ignore proper feet care and it is quite on the lower side as compared to other body parts. You must take regular care of your heels because initially, they can be healed easily but if cracks get deep and start to bleed then you surely have to consult a podiatrist.


The major cause of cracked feet is dry skin. As we all know, our feet are the one only who ultimately carries the whole weight of our body. The pressure generated by this weight on heel pads further forces the skin to expand and if the skin of your feet has insufficient moisture and not flexible then it automatically becomes crack prone.

Other factors which also responsible for cracked heels:

  • Wrong footwear selection (shape and size) can lead to cracks in feet. If you opt open backs sandals, which makes the fat pad of heels to expand to the open sides and can easily cause cracks in the dry skin.
  • Climatic conditions are also responsible for dry skin. As very hot and very cold climate both have harmful effects like making your skin dry.
  • If you hold standing position for long on hard floors, this increases the pressure time on your feet.
  • Being overweight is also a major cause for cracked heels, as your small feet holds your over-weight body.
  • There are some medical conditions like psoriasis(dry irritated skin), eczema(fluid-filled blisters) and fungal infections which if last long led to dry and thick yellow flacked skin.(do consult a doctor in these cases if persist for long).

Now, here is our box of magical remedies:

  • Right way of exfoliation: Simple and most effective way to keep your feet’s skin healthy. Just do it in the right way.Pour lukewarm water in a tub, mix little quantity of mild soap in it. Soak your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes.After soaking, use a pumice stone to remove hard and dry skin. Note that you have to scrub gently.Lastly, pat dry feet with a towel.
  • Always use moisturizer after having a bath on feet also. Remember if you skip this, soft feet goes imaginary only. So, never ignore the use of a moisturizer on feet as they hydrate cracked heels by maintaining skin’s elasticity.

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  • You can also use heel balm available in the market, which is slightly thicker than body moisturizer in texture. It can be applied 2 to 3 times a day.

    moisturizing cracked heels
    Pic credit: Diy Health Remedies

Best time to use it is bedtime. Before going to bed just wash your feet, apply balm and wear cotton socks to avoid staining on the bed. Little sensation after using balm is normal but if it turns into unwearable irritation then immediately consult your doctor.

  • Coconut oil, as we all know is a wonder oil for skin or you can say blessing from the Mother Nature for healthy skin. It acts as a great moisturizer without any side effects. It helps in healing deep cracks also if used regularly.

    coconut oil for cracked heels
    pic credit: DIY Health Remedy
  • Liquid sprays also work well on cracked heels without any hassle and it gets absorbed quickly and makes a layer on your feet’s skin which keeps dirt and other harmful germs getting into cracks. They are easily available in the market.
  • Never take a long hot water and cold water bath.
  • Footwear selection plays a vital role in maintaining healthy heels. They must be comfortable and of proper size with proper shape. If you choose open shoes they allow dirt to stick on your feet whereas if you choose closed ones they instead prevent your feet from dirt and germs too.
  • Last but most important stay hydrated which is very important to keep your skin hydrated.

Do gentle massage with coconut oil, heel balm, and moisturizer whichever option you are preferring for heel repairing until it gets completely absorbed in the skin.

These are some home-based easy and effective remedies. They can make your feet soft and crack free.

The medical issue like diabetes is also a reason for cracked heels in diabetics because high or low both sugar level damages the feet’s nerves, which hinders the blood circulation and increase dryness in skin and if cracks not treated properly can sustain for long as a comparison to non-diabetics. So, if you are diabetic and cracked heel too direct consult a podiatrist and have expert treatment.

In case of swelling, deep cracks, severe pain and bleeding also you must visit a doctor for proper treatment. GOOD LUCK!

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