3 Cut-Throat Make Money Tactics That Never Fails

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Today I will be sharing with you 3 cutthroat techniques which you could use in your daily life in order to earn a passive income online. I have been invited to many SEO events where I have spoken about how you can optimise your website to increase organic traffic. But the ultimate question is Why? Why does someone want to launch a website and optimise it?

source: https://www.lonare.com/guest-post-2/

Well, there is no need of even guessing because the answer is quite straightforward. The online community is big and people started understanding the potential of the internet now. There are three thousand five hundred seventy-eight million (3578 million) users worldwide who spend a good amount of time on the internet on daily basis. And imagine if you have that many people starving for information and knowledge. And millions of them are ready to pay a little fee against a substantial amount of digital assets. This is a new era of collaboration and curation of information. And we all must leverage it with open arms.

So the answer to this Why? is to leverage this opportunity by online available tools and make money. So if that’s the end goal why not focus on that. Instead of investing in online assets why not create a portfolio which will enable us to increase our passive income and maybe in future we will be financially independent. So let’s take a look at what are the legit and fast techniques by which you can earn money online and teach others in order to increase your network.


Earn while sharing what you believe in.

My firm belief is if you are trying to make money online; then the best way is to sell something is a product which solves a problem. Now many of us don’t know how to research online and figure out what problems people are facing. And that’s not enough we want to make sure that any given problem should be focused on mass numbers of people. I mean that’s how a solution to that problem will make money isnt it?

On the other hand even though if we know a problem not every one of us is able to create a solution. Because not every solution is easy to develop or create neither its circumstantial for 90% of the audience. So what’s the easiest and best way to overcome this issue? Well, wouldn’t it be super handy to have a list of products which are solving small but concrete problems? And then we can choose one of those products and sell them yourself.

I mean imagine you are an ice cream van owner. Can you only sell ice candies and ice bars while its a sunny day isn’t it? Being in England its very rare but you get my point. So you might look out for other business models. Maybe you choose to sell some warm clothes in winters. Maybe you choose to sell some coffee or lemonade on street. All this proves that; if you see demand you provide the supply in order to make profits. Same way you can implement the basic business model online too.

I came across a portal where you can see plenty of products listed with the percentage of commissions straight away. You just need to create an account and connect your Stripe account to receive payments through this portal. And boom you will be presented with thousands of products which will make you more than 50% share out of the original product price. I mean it’s like the whole business model is ready for you at a single place, you just need to share a link with your name on it. This is the easiest way by which you can leverage your network in order to generate passive income by putting a tiny amount of effort in place. Sell digital products online is a great place to find those influential products and sell them with just a click of a share button.

Now the next techniques I am going to share with you is a little bit more time-consuming. But certainly, it’s the logical way to make money and develop your portfolio.

Review apps and websites.

Having my own blog I understand that how important it is to make sure all my blogs pages are working properly on all possible devices. Now considering my blog has more than 108 blog posts and around 24 other pages. It’s a small task for me to go through all of them and test them on all devices. But imagine companies having more than 1000+ of pages, blog posts and forums. Their online assets are so big in numbers that they are unable to test them on a daily basis.

I mean it’s not possible for even facebook who employs more than 20,000 people only to moderate the fake news promoters. You might have heard about this news already on BBC, CNBC and many other news channels.

So there is an awesome way by which you can help those big portals and make a handsome amount of money just by testing there apps and websites online.

Follow the process I outlined below to reach out to them as they don’t entertain everyone online to hire for testing purposes ess:

  1. Register yourself as a tester on each website I listed above in the picture.

    2. Make sure that you are taking all practice test before hitting the register button. As there are few companies which will band you if you keep failing the practice tests.

    3. If you give your best while you are doing your first gig. Then expect more work coming your way. As many companies try to retain their good workers by providing them high-value work.

    4. When you are reaching out to these companies via email. Make sure you include your short task examples. Your daily routine you follow in order to make money online. This will give them a fair idea about your candidacy for this work.

Now let’s move on to the next tactic.

Transcribe Videos

You might be wondering who would be interested in transcribing videos. I mean isn’t its other way around where you write the script for a video first and then shoot it. Well, you would be surprised to know that there are plenty of agencies online which actually transcribe good video content and then recreate similar videos online in different languages.

First of all, you need to understand that English is not the most spoken language around the world. Although most of the information is available in English. And hence it’s crucial to understand that there is plenty of potential in recreating same content in different languages.

Now let’s talk about what kind of jobs you could pull up from this niche. I guess you might have already heard about lots of freelancing portals. Some of them I have listed in this picture below. But I can positively point this out that you have not searched for video transcribing jobs on these portals. So just do a search one time:

  1. Go on to any of these freelancer websites
  2. Search for transcribing jobs
  3. And see how many people are looking for this service.

This will give you a fair idea of how much potential you have in this niche. Now if you are a kind of person who likes to be in total control and doesn’t want to depend upon these money-making tactics.

Then I guess you are someone who tries to solve a problem and create his/her own solution for it. But sometimes figuring out a problem or in other words, I should say. Comming up with a startup idea is very tactical.  I have recently come up with basic 6 tricks to find your own startup idea. If you are into creating something of your own passion then these 6 tricks will help you concentrate all of your energy in the right direction.

Thanks for reading through this whole article. Feel free to follow me on twitter and give me a nudge if you have any questions related to any of these tactics.


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