Home Decoration Ideas for an Anniversary party

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An Anniversary celebration just comes once in a year and it commemorates the union of both of you and makes you remember sweet things. This calls in for a celebration and that too in the grandest way possible. But owing to our busy schedules, it is not always possible for us to have lavish celebrations because that accounts for hours of hard work and thoughts and most of the times we are unable to give that.

In order to organize a party at home, we have to transform our homes in such a way so that it looks really special. We can choose different props to make the environment look romantic and fashionable. Let us have a look in as to what we can use to make our props.


anniversary flowersThe best prop till date to commemorate a wedding anniversary has been fresh flowers and we can arrange to get it for ourselves by the flower delivery online. We might not have the time to arrange for everything in short time for our busy work schedules, so it is good if we consult an online florist and seek help from her to provide us the best options at the cheap prices. Owing to be stuck at work, we can make sure that they send the flower bouquets to us without us being worried about it.

BalloonsBalloon Decoration for annivesary

Balloons have been a source of happiness since our childhood and we have definitely loved the idea of it. Right from birthday parties to graduation we cannot think of any other decoration ideas other than balloons and when it comes to the anniversary parties the balloons must be different and provide us with immense joy. So, we can choose from an array of varieties like LED balloons or Metallic HD Toy Balloons or the normal printed party balloons made of latex and use it for our special day.

Lanterns and Candles

Lanterns and Candles decorationsThe placement of candles and lights is extremely important for every celebration. Although we need strong lights at our weddings because of the gatherings and the functions but it is always not necessary in an anniversary celebration. We can choose to have a rather dimly lighted room for this and arrange for a little candle light dinner like ambience.





Wooden planks

Wooden planks for anniversary partyWe seldom have spacious rooms at our houses and if we call over a few friends it gets jam packed and crammed up especially at the dinner table. But if we use wooden planks wisely over the table tops we can increase the space and also make the setting look nice. Cleanly polished wooden planks over crisp washed white sheets create a beautiful rustic look to the dinner table thus impressing the guests. This is a break to the normal lavish dinner table decorations that create a look of grandeur and elegance.

Pots and Vases

Pots and Vases decoration for annivesaryHuge ceramic pots have their own charm and look nice when places at the corners of the room in a big house however, if the houses are small these props never work and make the room look clumsy. We can however, place small pots at the shelves or in the dinner table so as to create a distraction from the regular homely look. A sprig of nature amidst the regular homely things is soothing to the eye and works well. The vases must be filled with the flowers that are available with the brightest of the hues so that the normal look of thermo can be changed and we get to see something exciting and fun.


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