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The entire concept of impressing someone on the first date might seem stressful but it is not impossible. With proper planning and efforts from both sides, first dates can be wonderfully memorable and can also work out to be the foundation of a strong and successful relationship thereafter. While one might ponder over a lot of things collected from here and there, these small tips can be handy in impressing the other half on a first date.

  • Self evaluation and grooming

Before we plunge onto a new beginning, we must be very clear on our end. The excitement over meeting someone new might be there but that must not alter our personality. We must relax and think of the positivity of the upcoming day and be well prepared to indulge in a healthy discussion thus having a good time together. We could also think of some probable questions to ask the following day in order to cut any awkward situation. As far as grooming is concerned, we should be neatly dressed and be clean.


  • Quit faking it, just be yourself

It should always be kept in mind that the person who has agreed to come on a date with us, is because of the person who we are. So, there is no point faking our personality to impress them. They already have their reason to be here and any change in the personality might come in as a surprise to them. We would definitely now want anyone to be surprised in an odd way thus falsifying our image, hence it is always advisable that we be our self when on the date.

  • Plan something that both if you will enjoy:

When planning to meet for the first time, it is a very good idea to plunge into something that makes it memorable forever. Ideally, people choose new exotic places where they can sit and hang out for hours or probably have some good soul food. However, it would be a wonderful idea to venture out onto some exotic adventure sport together in which both the parties are not very well versed.

We should never take the other half to participate into activities that is our niche because they might not be very well versed in it and might feel insulted on the very first day, which would be the last thing we’d ever want. Most importantly, we should always go for something that both the parties will enjoy and something that leaves no embarrassment in either of them.

  • Be thoughtful and polite

It is extremely important to be punctual and sensible on the very first day and forever. Like they say,” The first impression is the last impression”, we would never want our personalities to be ruined on the very first go. We should be thoughtful enough to buy a small gift for the other half as a small gesture of care and this is going to leave positive impression on them. Speaking to them in a polite and soft manner and showing the proper manners are ideal positives for the first date and they always earn thumbs up from the other half resulting in a good foundation to a future relationship.

  • Communication and Mobile Phones

We must take interest in speaking to our date even if there is something that we might not have liked in them. It is bad manners to make the other half feel unwanted and bored. We must answer all the questions with honesty and take proper interest when they speak. It is advisable to refrain from talking of embarrassing situations and also it is advisable to avoid extreme topics of discussions like religion, politics etc.

When it comes to mobile phones, we must keep the phone silent when we talk to them for the first time. It gets very annoying when the ringtone rings over and over again. The phone might be kept in the vibration mode but the shuddering sound when there’s a call can also be irritating. Hence it is advisable to refrain from using the phone during that time and invest as much time as possible in knowing and having fun with each other.

  • Determining the payer of the bill: 

We must always insist to pay the bill even when the other half has planned and arranged for the date. If they refuse, we must offer to “dutch” or pool the bill so as to make them sure that we were not there to gorge on a free meal and we have the capacity to pay for our food. Although it is a generic rule of our society that the man always pays the bills, the youngsters do not abide by this anymore and there have been instances where the woman have been seeing paying for date nights.

  • Make Environment more beautiful with a beautiful flower Bouquet:

couple on date with flowersWe could also come along with a hint of fragrance to induce a sense of power in our personality. And carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with us to show our gentleness and care for her. Else we can plan a special surprise by arranging a flowers delivery from any online florist during your meet and surprise her in the middle of the date with a beautiful basket of roses. Saying “Good – Bye” with beautiful flowers is a sign that you really enjoyed her company and you desire for seeing her soon.



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