Female Masturbation Tips that Really Give Pleasure

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Masturbation is important to be comfortable with your body, discover new pleasures and have a fulfilling sex life. Zoom on the different practices to experiment alone under the duvet. To have fun alone, do you always use the same methods and do you want to breathe new life into these moments of intimacy? It’s possible ! To achieve this, all you have to do is let go and let your imagination run wild. What if you tried to cum without using your hands? There are different female masturbation techniques to achieve orgasm through this. Enough to wisely occupy the long evenings marked by the curfew.

Female Masturbation Tips

Female Masturbation Tip 1: Use the shower head

To experience the ecstasy of masturbation without too much effort, your shower head is your best ally! Just direct the jet of water where it is needed to give you voluptuous sensations. Thanks to the impulse of the water, your clitoris is directly stimulated, a bit like using a sex toy . You can even have fun varying the water pressure and temperature. Depending on the model you have, it is also possible to vary the jets to multiply the pleasures. If you are looking for stronger sensations, do not hesitate to unscrew the knob! In short, have fun!

Female Masturbation Tip 2 : Make the pleasure last

Lie on your back and moisten your fingers with your saliva, then use your index and middle fingers to gently tap your clitoris . Vary the pace until that pleasure button comes out of hiding. Little trick, a languorous music in the background will give the rhythm to your movements. Resist the temptation to step up the pace to make the game more exciting. Instead, make small circular movements. When you’re on the verge of orgasm , stick a finger or two (watch your fingernails) into your vagina and use your fluids to lubricate your clitoris. The excitement coming, this organ becomes more and more sensitive. lubricate itwill allow you to avoid irritation. Only when you are about to cum can you let yourself go by stimulating your clitoris as you please. Circular or bottom-up movement, it’s up to you! The key is to avoid any rush to bring the pleasure to its climax !

Female Masturbation Tip 3: Use both hands to increase pleasure

Get into a comfortable position. Place your fingers on either side of your clitoris and gently vibrate it. Use the fingers of the other hand to caress the pleasure button, varying the pressure and speed. You can also slide your fingers up and down the sides of your clitoris.

Respect this way of doing things, trying not to slip into your ritual of intimate caresses . This will help you expand your repertoire of techniques for achieving orgasm .

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Female Masturbation Tip 4 : Lie on your stomach

Lie on your stomach, placing a pillow or bolster between your legs, and begin the back and forth motions. You can also make a ball with fabric (the corner of a sheet, a duvet, the sleeve of a T-shirt) the size of a tennis ball. Wedge this improvised sex toy between the mattress and the clitoris. Then move the pelvis up and down while waddling, but not too quickly! The advantage of doing this is that it not only stimulates the clitoris, but also the labia. A wave of electric pleasure will soon shake you. You can just as well replace the ball with your hand or with a suitable sex toy.

Bet on sex toys

Vibrators, vibrating ducks, clitoral stimulators . There are a multitude of sex toys ready to satisfy all desires and all fantasies. And not all of them require the use of hands! Among them is the vibrating egg . This egg-shaped sex toy is inserted into the vagina and activated using a remote control. The idea? Control the intensity of the vibrations to increase the pleasure tenfold! Another option: put your sex toy – whatever it is – on a chair, sit down and enjoy the vibrations offered by the object.

Use a lubricant

To avoid irritation, you can use a lubricating gel . Because yes, it is not only intended for relationships with several people . You can place a small hazelnut on your lips and/or the entrance to the vagina to soften the caresses. This product will help you especially if you are struggling to be naturally lubricated.


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