List of Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Ladies

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Yoga is an ancient practice. Everyone is aware of the fact that how much Yoga Asanas are beneficial. Especially when a woman is expecting, Yoga Asanas are a big boon for them. Yoga is rightly said to be Godsend for pregnant women. Being pregnant is completely non pareil experience of one’s life, when a lady has to give full attention to her mental, physical and spiritual health. Yoga Asanas are a big blessing to everyone specially when a woman is pregnant. Specially customized Yoga Asanas for pregnant ladies help the body to be active and keeps the child healthy. One needs to be careful while carrying out poses while pregnancy. Yoga done with proper precautions do miracles.

As we all know that yoga provides holistic health benefits. Every woman when she embraces motherhood takes best possible care for her. Whether food, medicines, sleep patterns everything becomes her top-notch priority. Yoga is the most preferred form of exercise. As it heals and transforms you from inside out. Exercising during pregnancy is extremely impressive. The following pregnancy yoga poses targets on the probes that expecting mothers has to go through. Lower back pain and exhaustion are some of the most common problems a to be mother faces. And one of the major problems a mother faces when she has to deliver a child. Yoga Asanas develop strength in mothers that help them to endure the pain they have to encounter during labour. To ease your task we would like to enlighten you with some of the widely practised and easiest Yoga Asanas that can be carried out by expecting mothers. Now we are giving below the answer of the question:

Which Yoga Asans are safe during pregnancy? Answer is below in the post-

Two kinds of pranayama are extremely beneficial during pregnancy:

  1. Ujjayi is a long deep breath that helps you to focus on the present life and maintain Peace of mind and soul.
  2. Nadi Shadhana, (Alternate Nostril Breathing), which according to yogic teachings helps to balance the body’s energy flows.

Few asanas for pregnant women-

● Konasana (Angle pose)

  1. It ensures flexibility near waist region and keeps the fat near waist region under control.
  2. his Yoga is done with the support of a wall. One has to sit straight keeping feet 24 inches apart.
  3. Raise your right hand up keeping elbow straight.
  4. Give a nice upward stretch and while you inhale, bend sideward towards your left then Exhale and come back to the initial position and keep your hand down.
  5. Do the same asanas with other Hand and vice versa.Konasana - during pregnancy

Alert: Pregnant women (in 2nd and 3rd trimester) should avoid this Asana.

● Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose)-

  1. It strengthen inner thighs and pelvic region.
  2. Settle on the mat and keep your legs fully stretched.
  3. Join your feet to form a ‘Namaste’.
  4. Sit in an erected position and don’t lean forward.
  5. Place your hands on knees or thighs. Hold the posture for a while. Bhadrasana for pregnant

● Yastikasana (Stick pose)

  1. They release tension, stretches body pain and corrects body postures.
  2.  Lie on your back. Keep your legs straight. Keep your body in a straight line.
  3. Knees and feet should be aligned.
  4. Feet should point upwards.
  5. Hands rest on the sides.
  6. Inhale and raise your hands; rest them on the floor and stretch upward.
  7. Push your toes out simultaneously.
  8. Exhale, raise your hands and come back into initial pose.
  9. Repeat the process 3-4 times.Yastikasana - stick pose - a pregnant lady

● Hast Panangustasana (Extended hand to tow pose)-

During pregnancy the major strength is needed by pelvic region so to make the muscles strong lie down on your back.

  1. Straighten your legs.
  2. Keep your body in one line.
  3. Keep your hands in T-position, palms facing down.
  4. Slide right leg towards your right side.
  5. Don’t try very hard. Hold toe with your right hand if possible.
  6. Sliding your leg come back to original position.
  7. Repeat the same on another side.Hasta Padangusthasana helps in normal delivery

● Utkatasana (Chair pose)

It strengthens thigh muscles and pelvic muscles

  1. Stand erect and keep your feet 12 inches apart.
  2. Keep your feet parallel to each other.
  3. inhale for 2 seconds and raise your heels and arms at shoulder level, palms facing down simultaneously.
  4. Exhale slowly; sit in squat position on your toes.
  5. If you are not comfortable standing on your toes then stand normally keeping feet flat on the ground.
  6. Keeping your hands in the same position, inhaling, get up slowly and stand on your toes.
  7. Exhale, hands down and heels down simultaneously. Utkatasana Chair Pose by a pregnant lady for normal delivery

● Padmasana

Padmasana is also known as lotus, Its position is a cross-legged sitting asana dates from ancient times, in which each foot is kept on the opposite thigh.

It is also known as mountain pose and has several benefits.

It releases back pain.Proper Padmasana Pose

But if you can’t do Purna- Padmasana, you can try just Ardh Padmasana.

Padmasana - pregnancy helpful
• Trikonasana

Trikonasana is wonderful for pregnant women. Trikonasana is triangle pose. Triangle pose serves many health benefits. It develops strength and stamina especially for expecting mothers. Triangle pose especially works in the core and legs part of the body. It helps in putting off extra stubborn fat from the body especially near waist and stomach and thighs. It strengthens back eliminating pain in the region. It helps pregnant women striking mental and physical balance as their centre of gravity shifts.
How to do it?

  1. Sit in the straight position. Do not bend.
  2. Keep your feet 4 feet’s apart.
  3. Raise your arms at the shoulder level.
  4. Inhale and raise your right arm by the side of your head.
  5. Incline your right arms while exhaling towards the left side.
  6. Make sure that the right arm is parallel to the ground.
  7. Maintain the position as per your comfort with normal breathing.
  8. Come to the original position by inhaling.
  9. Do it with the left hand.
  10. Do three to five sets of Trikonasana. Trikonasana for prenatal

• Virabradhasana

  1. This is also known as warrior 2 pose.
  2. It is supposed to increase fertility.
  3. Performing it the consultation of the doctor eliminates pain. Warrior 2 is an advanced version of warrior 1.
  4. It also works as a body opener.
  5. It is more helpful specially during second trimester.A pregnant lady in Virabhadrasana pose

• Marjariasana

it is also known as cat stretch. It increases flexibility and ensures proper functioning of the reproductive organs.

Marjariasana beneficial for prenatal

• Shavasana

It is the easiest form of Yoga Asanas. It involves simply lying down on your back. One of the major functions it performs is that they ensure self healing as pregnant women should avoid taking pills. They repair cells and soothes the cells.


But pregnant ladies need to do side poses with the help of any pillow or any comfortable material. that is called modified Shavasana as shown in pic below the alert.

Alert: But during pregnancy, you can take help of wall in this asana, or any table otherwise it can be dangerous. So before doing this asans you need to take expert any lady Yoga specialist.

modified shvashana for pregnant ladies

Yoga helps remove the effect of general symptoms such as morning sicknesses cramps, swollen ankles, and constipation. Yoga asanas also help pregnant women recover faster after delivery. To relish every moment of welcoming you into the world one must take measures to ensure safety and care and regularly practising recommended Yoga Asanas by a specialist.

As of now we all are much enlightened about Yoga Asanas that can be performed well by pregnant woman. India. Bali and Nepal are some of the countries are famous for Yoga and therapies.  Nepal has a vivacious atmosphere There are some good Yoga teacher training in Nepal like Vedic Yoga. Hilly regions and aura are quite soothing. They have quite exquisite training centre in Nepal which helps clients get the best possible services.
There are some dos and don’ts for expecting mothers as well. Yoga is beneficial but one has to be careful while performing it. A person encountering Asthana should not take a long breath. It is advisable to consult a doctor before performing any asanas. 
Pranayama is one the most widely practised breathing techniques used in yoga. Deep and quick, forceful breaths should be avoided when a lady is pregnant. Techniques such as bellow’s breath (Bhastrika) and cleaning breath (Kapalabhati) are not recommended in pregnancy.

Some of the Yoga Asanas to avoid during pregnancy are

  1. Naukasana (Boat Pose)
  2. Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)
  3. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Sitting Half Spinal Twist)
  4. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  5. Viparita Shalabhasana (Superman Pose)
  6. Halasana (Plow Pose)

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