5 Foods That Are Stress Busters

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In this machine era where people are working really hard to compete for the world in order to earn for their living and then they race towards more and more for the luxurious lifestyle, the key point that is often neglected is that all this money cannot be the only route to your happiness.

The 80% of the population suffers from anxiety disorders among which, the richer people are in greater proportion. Why? Because the only thing that they focus on is sometimes the best and foremost lifestyle which can only be achieved by hard work while they neglect the preciously expensive gift from the Almighty that is health.

When you start seeming careless about your health, the first thing that attacks you is the immune system disorder, be it any kind of deficiency because somehow your mind tries to signal you that you are needed to be back and take care of your health.

The daily life chaos and panics leads towards severe stress and if not addressed properly it ends up in dangerous diseases, sometimes even the incurable ones.

We have brought these 5 amazing foods under a list that can help you from this phase of your life when you are stressing over the stress too much. So, let’s just roll and begin.

  1. Oatmeal? Always a big yes.

Oatmeal is one of the most warming and calming foods ever. It has this property of producing the distressing neurotransmitter serotonin which calms down the brain and provides the mental relaxation.

Cutting on the carbs is recommended when on a diet to lose weight but according to the survey cutting on the crabs for a long time may increase the stress hormones in a person.

Carbohydrates like oatmeal are necessary for the stress and anxiety patients and it is recommended to make it a habit to have a portion of oatmeal in routine breakfast to relieve the stress hormones.

  1. Dark Chocolate! Yummy.

Mmmm! Got all the attention. right? Yes, all the chocolate lovers out there this is your perfect excuse to hit the chocolate stores but wait, we are talking about the dark chocolates and not the sweet tasty ones.

Dark chocolates are proven stress relievers when eaten in the right proportion because they are the high-calorie nutrition as well. So be careful and choose wisely the ones that are having 70% cocoa beans.

  1. Spinach.

Remember Popeye the sailor man? He came with this agenda of convincing the kids to eat spinach. You know why? Because spinach is highly rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium. It also elevates the C-reactive protein levels.

Moreover, the research proves that the people having low CRP levels are stressed and they are at a high risk of getting into the depression as well. Plus, magnesium is also useful to regulate the blood pressure and if you are stressed over anything, the magnesium flushes out of the body and it results in the deficiency. Therefore, spinach is proved to be a nice antidepressant.

  1. Comfort Food.

Comfort food is a term referred to any kind of food which has some nostalgic or sentimental value for a specific individual or a specific culture. It beings back the memories from the past especially from childhood, the food that your mom used to cook, for example, the bread roll, chicken soup or any other mom-made meal.

It is said, then when a person is severely stressed over some issue in his life, he attaches himself with the food known as comfort food, and it is believed to be the highly coping nutrition against the negative thoughts and feelings.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfort_food )

  1. Salmon.

Salmon or other oily fish are highly rich in omega-3 and DHA which our body requires to release the stress hormones and put our minds at ease. Serving yourself a Salmon at least twice a week may help you reduce the anxiety by 20 % within 12 weeks. The depression patients are often asked to take the fish oil tablets that help to treat the disorder even faster.


Stress, anxiety attacks, depression and then finally the severe depression are literally nothing but an absolute curse on a mental health which disturbs the entire system of the body. It is absolutely true that almost each one of us develops stress due to the burdensome responsibilities on our shoulders and we are unable to figure out how to deal with it without seeing a doctor and avoiding the heavy dose medications.

Prevent your disease from getting severe and rather ending up taking high dose medications try and serve yourself the best of foods in the initial stages of the growing stress. The foods rich in proteins, magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 are proven to be stress relievers.

Moreover, the leafy green vegetables like spinach are also helpful in regulating the blood pressure levels. The healthier the diet, the more your mind gets to relax and enjoy the fresh and pure environment. To shop online and grab the nutritious food items avail the Nutrisystem promo code and enjoy the best while staying in your budget.


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