How to Get Rid of The Stickiness of Hair in Monsoon and Summer

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Sticky hair problem:

Stickiness of hair is a normal problem in monsoon. As soon as this season starts, some people have very oily hair, which makes them sticky. Due to excessive sweating in hair, they become sticky. Sticky hair not only looks bad but also causes dandruff, scallop infestation, foul smell and hair loss. This will also cause pimples on the face. But today we will tell you some ways, which will solve the problem of your sticky hair. In this situation, it is necessary to take care of the hairs.

Reason of hair stickiness:

This is usually due to perspiration in the hair. The use of oil-based products makes the hair even more oily. This causes dust and dirt to stick to the hair quickly and this causes stickiness.

If you want to get rid of the stickiness of hair in the monsoon, then try these methods.

  1. Washing hair with shampoo: Shampoo your hair at least 3 times a week on rainy days. Due to this, dirt will not accumulate in the hair and excess oil stored on the scallop will also be clean. But make sure that the shampoo is not oil based.
  2. Do conditioner: In this season, do not forget to apply conditioner after shampooing the hair. Because applying conditioner will not irritate the hair and along with it the hair will remain silky.
  3. Distance to hair dryer: If you use a straightener to dry your hair or a dryer to dry your wet hair, then stop it. Because using the dryer, the head becomes hot. This causes excess sweating and hair starts to become sticky.
  4. Keep clean your hair: Keep them clean without touching your hair too much – use comb instead of fingers to sort out the braces.
  5. Do not tie hair tightly: Most women tie it before drying hair but this is completely wrong. By doing this, light wet hair sweats and they become sticky. Not only this, it also causes bad hair. Therefore, dry the hair and tie it only.
  6. Do not apply oil: Keeping oil too long during this season also makes your hair sticky. When you apply oil throughout the day in summer, it combines with your sweat and creates more stickiness in the hair. Therefore, try to apply oil at night in summer and wash hair in the morning.
  7. Use of Baby Powder: If your hair is too sticky then you can use baby powder. Scalp it with baby powder and wash the hair with water for some time. Using it will remove the stickiness of hair.
  8. Hair Gels: Use hair gel to minimize the stickiness of hair. By applying oil-based products, your hair will become even more oily. Due to which dust and dirt will stick in the hair quickly.
  9. Keep your hair away from forehead: Your forehead can be an oily skin zone, so by keeping the hair away from your forehead, you can make sure that your hair does not soak the oil from the forehead skin. And brushing excessively also activates oil glands, which causes more production of oil.
  10. Choose the hair products carefully: Do not use these products on your hair in large amounts, otherwise your effects can cause damage to your hair. Do not use neutral / sticky gel, because using these your hair may be sticky and not sticky.

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