10 Best Ways to Maintain Weight Loss – Tried and Tested Methods

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In this AT &T Plans compiled blog post, I’ll discuss 10 of the best ways to lose weight. These are tried &
tested methods, which will have you shedding off the excess pounds in no time – and have you ready for your next beach trip.

Some Basic Health Observations
Today, after over 30 years of ‘health’ reading & discovering, I know how to take care of my own body, and to guide others too. Seeing people achieve their weight loss and body-building targets, inspires me to continue with my journey. Because having a healthy, disease-free body is essential to maintaining a good quality of living. For this, you not only need to get your daily exercise routine in order, but also your diet.

Ten Effective Ways to Lose Weight
In this blog post, I’ll list 10 of the best ways in which you can lose weight, and keep it down over the long haul. Even adopting two or three of these fat-busting approaches can result in a noticeable drop on the weighing scale. But I’d seriously recommend that you start incorporating all of these simultaneously into your daily routine.

1.Follow the Classic ‘Breakfast of Champions’ Routine : According to an old saying, you’re supposed to eat breakfast like a king, followed by reduced meal portions in lunch and dinner. And I generally agree with this formula, though not necessarily with how most people abide by it. Breakfast is important for getting you started on your day in the right manner. However, it can greatly damage your weight loss efforts if taken unthinkingly. For losing weight, stick to low-glycemic, high protein and moderate fat food portions for your first meal of the day. Don’t drink any concentrated fruit juices; either packaged or natural. And keep your hydration in check. A good way of doing this is by drinking lukewarm lemon as soon as you rise, along with a couple of soaked figs.Protein
2.Keep Your Hydration in Check: An average adult needs at least 2 liters (8 250-ml glasses) of water in a day. In the summer season, this basic requirement can jump up to three liters. Since the human body is made up of 70% water, it is absolutely vital to keep your hydration levels in check at all times. A body in dehydration mode stops losing weight.
3.Have Your Metabolism ‘Pumping’ with Small, Frequent Meals: A healthy working metabolism is vital for keeping the pounds off, and the waistline intact. After the age of 40, it has a tendency to slow down naturally – making weight loss an absolute pain! In order to keep your metabolism in top-shape, having small, frequent meals instead of the standard 3- meal/day routine can be a good way to go. Just be sure to focus on the ‘small’ part, and keep it that way.
4.Go Heavy on your Unsweetened Green Teas: Most natural green teas have been linked in many research studies to speeding up the body’s metabolism. These flavorful health tonics contain many additional compounds that only help to lose weight, but also to fight cancer and inflammation. Drinking 3 cups daily is usually recommended by most dietitians.Green tea for weight loss
5.Load Up on Fiber-rich Foods
Fiber keeps the bowels moving in the right way. A constipated intestinal tract is a surefire way of preventing the pounds from shedding off. So before you start following any dietary advice, ensure that you get at least 20g of insoluble fiber daily. Psyllium husk extract, taken with a lot of water, is a good option.
6.Strength-train with Consistency
Building muscle is a great way of keeping excess blood sugar (which is stored as fat) in check. For making this happen, follow a solid strength-training regime is necessary on a daily basis. Yoga Exercises, Push-ups, which work the whole body, form a great beginner’s exercise.girl in gym for weight loss
7.Keep Cortisol Levels on the Low: Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, is an enemy of weight loss. Keeping it in check, through various stress-relieving techniques, helps in burning fat gradually. Many people resort to a daily dosage of 1g Vitamin C to keep cortisol levels low.
8.Get Some Sleep!: For most 18 to 65 year-olds, getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every day is important. And for weight loss, you can’t do without it.sleeping and relex girl
9.Weigh Yourself only ONCE a Week :Weighing yourself only once a week provides the necessary morale to keep following a strict weight loss program. But don’t go overboard with this.
10.Take Joy in the Small Things: Growing up, I was lucky to have FiOS in my area – because the high-speed internet service equipped me with some good advice. One of these pertained to seeking joy in the small things. And when losing weight, this is important!


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