10 Signs of Health Problems: You Shouldn’t Ignore

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These are some common signs of health problems:

  1. Lack of energy: You can go to bed before midnight, resting for 8 hours, but in the morning you can not find the strength to get out from under the blanket and feed the body with caffeine all day, just to get a little rough.The reason lies in an incorrectly composed diet or abuse of harmful products: alcohol, food, industrial processing, fast food. Contributes to the state of exhaustion and smoking. When the liver is burdened with detoxification work, it can not function effectively and “take revenge” on fatigue. Also, exhaustion, which does not leave even after a qualitative rest, can talk about problems with the thyroid gland or adrenal glands. Hypothyroidism provokes most likely chronic fatigue – this disease initially is asymptomatic, so that the diagnosis can not be made right away. The cause of nervous exhaustion can become stressful. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the workload, balance the nutrition, add to the regime of the day, sports and relaxation exercises. If feasible measures are taken, and the situation does not improve drastically, it is necessary to undergo a survey to find out exactly what is depleting the energy reserves. After all, if you do not find the sources of the problem at once, constant fatigue can trigger the development of depression.
  2. Poor skin condition: The skin is involved in the detoxification process, its appearance immediately indicates the presence of health problems. Anke, rash or excessive dryness can indicate the development of diseases, and not about improper care. So, the cause of acne can be unhealthy food – an abundance of sugar, fat in the diet, food intolerance of certain foods. The skin also reacts to hormonal imbalances, for example, polycystic ovary or an increase in testosterone levels in women. Acne can also provoke poor bowel work: the rapid growth of the “bad” bacteria that inhabit this organ can cause the formation of acne, giving the skin an earthy tinge. A balanced diet (including probiotics) will be the first step towards restoring intestinal flora and returning the skin to health and radiance.
  3. Decreased growth: By evening, the growth in all people is reduced by a couple of centimetres, but this process is natural. A marked reduction in growth is an occasion to sound an alarm. This symptom indicates a loss of bone mass: aggravated, the phenomenon leads to osteoporosis, the bones become brittle and break. The situation requires the intervention of a specialist, but everyone can help themselves by including in the diet products with calcium and vitamin D: leafy vegetables, natural yogurt, beans, salmon, sardines.
  4. Decreased libido: Lack of desire can provoke stressful situations or simply new life circumstances. But when, at first glance, everything is normal, and the libido “sleeps” – this is an occasion to look for the cause in the presence of the disease. In addition to latent depression and increased anxiety, a decrease in sexual desire may be a sign of hypothyroidism.
  5. Chapped lips: This is not only annoying and discomforting but also looks unpleasant. The reason that the lips are cracking (if you exclude windy or frosty weather), there may be dehydration – in this case, the problem is easy to solve unless it has reached catastrophic proportions. Also, to cause dry lips may be the lack of vitamins in the diet, in the first place, of group B. Ignoring the need to replenish the reserves of these substances is fraught with anaemia.
  6. Bad sleep: To prevent the move to the kingdom of Morpheus can be a high level of cortisol – a hormone, the content of which is in the blood by the evening must fall. If this does not happen, the loss of sleep becomes cyclical. Constantly elevated levels of the hormone can lead to mental and metabolic problems: insulin resistance, depression. Also, the lack of proper rest does not allow to restore the immune system, increasing the susceptibility of the body to colds. Reduce the level of cortisol can be, abandoning the drinks containing caffeine – in the afternoon they should be banned. It is necessary to reduce in the diet the number of products processed and containing refined ingredients: white flour, butter, sugar. Helps to establish sleep and maintain a water balance (during the day, not a gulp of a litre of water at night).
  7. Snoring: People for whom snoring has become the norm, not only have restless sleep but also are at risk for heart rhythm disturbances and malfunctions in the lungs. Snoring can indicate the inflammation of the tonsils, the presence of polyps in the nasopharynx, allergies. A dangerous condition is an apnea – when a person remains lifeless for a few seconds. The use of beer is largely due to the occurrence of apnea, so it is better to refuse this drink before going to bed (and indeed – they should not be abused). Tea has a calming effect: it facilitates the outflow of phlegm, removes the mucus oedema and has a general soothing effect.
  8. Education of bruises: It is clear when a bruise appears on the body. But when the nature of bruises is unclear (there were no injuries, and the trace remained), one can suspect problems with hematopoiesis. Small bruises can also indicate the presence of celiac disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, lowering of the level of leukocytes. The similar anaemia is caused by similar traumas – because of a low level of iron in an organism. Bruises can talk about the lack of zinc, vitamins K and C. If the phenomenon occurs frequently, medical help is needed – such a symptom can warn of the development of a serious illness.
  9. Increased anxiety: The roots of anxiety can grow from physical, rather than emotional problems – such as hormonal imbalance. In women, anxiety often depends on the level of estrogen. With its insufficient number, there is anxiety and even panic attacks – all this is characteristic of hypothyroidism. Anxiety can occur with hypoglycemia, a heat stroke, or a heart attack. A supplement to this disorder can be products rich in tryptophan – the substance helps the brain produce serotonin. Many amino acids are found in hard cheese, nuts, turkey, eggs, lentils.
  10. Inflamed or bleeding gums: The swelling and bleeding of the gums indicate the damage to the periodontal, which can lead to tooth loss. Also, problems with the gums indicate a high level of sugar, and therefore, the risk of diabetes. The poor condition of the oral cavity can provoke even cardiovascular diseases. Affects the state of teeth and improper nutrition – a lot of sugar, carbonated drinks, while sweet and fatty foods for them are fatal. The detection of one or more symptoms is not a cause for panic, but an occasion to pay closer attention to one’s health and undergo a timely examination, having coped the problem in the bud.

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