4 Main Tips on How to Live with A Smoker in The House

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Living with anyone could be difficult probably due to personal differences, but whichever the reason that could be making you uncomfortable with each other cannot be compared to a situation where one lives with a smoker. No matter how much we love our housemates, it is obvious that you will definitely hate his smoking habits. Passive smoking of cigarettes is one of the habits that can really damage your health and therefore it is very important to implement better ways to avoid it. The following are some of the ways you can live comfortably with the company of your smoking friends.

  1. Let all smoking be done outside
    Being aware of all the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes, it is important to do all what you can to protect your health. Make sure you prohibit any kind of smoking from indoors. This may be very difficult for your partner but try to let them understand how important it is to protect your health and living a comfortable life.
  2. Allow enough airing into the house
    Sometimes cigarette smokes can linger into clothes, walls or even furniture even when the other person is smoking from outdoors. To deal with this kind of a situation, it is important to open all the windows widely to allow enough airing. Fresh air could be essential in getting rid of the bad odor.
  3. Remove smoking odors from the clothes
    If you try washing the clothes that emit the smokes and the odor is still on the clothes, you can hang them again for more hours to get rid of the smells. If the odor still persists, try using some coca cola, it helps absorb the bad smells and hence enabling you to easily to regain the fresh smell of your clothes.
  4. Spray an air purifier in the house
    It is obvious that you have noticed that, prohibiting the indoor smoking habits is not all you need to avoid passive smoking since the smokes at times tend to find their ways inside the corridors and into the various rooms in the house. Using air purifier for smoke to purify the air in the rooms could be a good move of helping you live a comfortable live in your home. Natural remedies such as keeping some bowls of baking soda in the house to absorb some of the cigarettes smokes can also be of good help and thus it is important to consider them.

When you find it too hard to cope with the smoking habits of your housemate, you may also consider helping them to stop smoking. However, doing that could be harder than you expect it to be and therefore it is very significant to appreciate their craving behaviors if at all you want to help them. Try to deal with their smoking situation and not on any personal grounds. You therefore have to be tough and straight toward on you rules about smoking.

Final verdict

Smoking is addictive and therefore being soft on your mate will definitely not help solve the problem. However, besides your efforts to help your partner, your health should always come first and therefore if it is too hard to change your partner’s smoking habits, it is very important to ask them to leave your house for the benefit of your health.


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