Best 8 Easy Solutions for A Runny Nose

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Hey, guys, I hope you are doing well. Here I am with my another post on runny nose home remedies. Suffering from a runny nose is quite a normal situation these days as we live in an environment which keeps on changing every time such as a change in season and sudden climatic changes etc. It can be very irritating and annoying for the person to deal with a runny nose with ease and if it is not treated on time it may turn into a serious infection. We have a variety of medicines available on the medical store for treatment of this disease but it is not advisable to take medicine without taking a prescription from the doctor. Here I am sharing the best home remedies to stop a runny nose in a most healthy and natural way.

  1. Drain your nose properly-: This is the very simple and easy home remedy to get rid of a runny nose. While suffering from this annoying situation it is very necessary to do the cleansing of the nose properly on a daily basis. Cleansing on daily basis helps you to get rid of this disease fast.
  2. Take more warm fluid-: Taking more warm fluid in cold prevents mucus to get thicker in your lungs and helps in giving you a soothing and warm effect. Fluids like warm milk, tea, coffee, and soup etc give you a feeling of relaxation in your nasal passage and left you unannoyed to get a good sleep at night. You can have tea in the form of ginger tea, black tea, and cardamom tea etc. Avoid coffee for infants as it contains caffeine. 
  3. Deep steam-: Steam is the most suggested way to treat all the cold-related problem. Whenever you guys suffer from cold it is very common that your elder will suggest you take a deep steam. For taking steam just take some hot water in a bowl, add some amount of Vicks vaporub in that bowl and take steam which will come from that bowl by covering your head using a cloth or towel.
  4. Take a lot of rest-: It is proven that most of our illness get lost by taking proper rest and also rest is the favorite medicine for almost all the people around us. Taking proper rest in illness whether it is cold or any other disease helps in faster recovery. You can also take a warm shower which will further help in dry up runny nose and getting relaxed while going to your bed for rest.
  5. Avoid spicy or fast food-: Eating fast food is in trend these days which consists of lots of harmful spices and oil which further increases the secretion of mucus through lungs and made the condition more worse. It is advisable that avoid fast food as much as possible while suffering from a runny nose, chest congestion, and other cold problems.
  6. Gargle using Salt water-: It is one of the most effective home remedies which make the layer of excess mucus thin and also prevents mucus from collecting at one place. Using salt gargle remedy at least twice a day can help you to recover faster.
  7. Warm compress on chest, nose and forehead -: Warm compress helps in releasing the excess sinus secreted by lungs. Sinus secretion makes your body restless and develops an annoying situation for you. Just take a towel or a cloth, dip it into hot water and apply it on your affected areas,you will feel relaxed and better than before.
  8. Stay away from pollution and dust-: We are living in an environment which is full of dust and pollution which causes infection in our lungs and make them to secrete excess sinus which gets collected in your head and nasal passage.

So guys must use these stop a runny nose at least once in your lifetime and be healthy.

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