How to get Lean Legs – Best Lean Leg WorkOut

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To get the shape of a dream foot, a number of sports movements below can help tighten the leg muscles, starting from the buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps, to calves. Toned and light legs are not only beautiful to look at but they are also healthy. In fact, the appearance of our legs can “talk to us” about our state of well-being: raised veins, cellulite, swelling, fat.

What to eat and what to avoid, to make your thighs thinner

To bring the legs back to an optimal condition, it is necessary to combine diet and sport in a strategy that is both firming and slimming. First of all, it is right to set a goal. In case you need to lose weight all over your body, the ideal would be to be followed by a good nutritionist or at least make a first visit in order to check the amount of excess fat mass and its actual distribution. Once this is done, all you need to do is start with a healthy diet based on protein, good fats and carbohydrates mostly from vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Combining this with sport and some targeted exercise, the thighs will begin to appear more and thinner, shaping themselves along with the rest of the body.
Paradoxically, the situation could be more complex if you were already in your weight but with bigger thighs than you would like. In this case, set aside problems related to the constitution, the cause could be water retention.

Even in this case, eating in a healthy and balanced way is the only solution. To this, however, we must add some indispensable precautions to reduce water retention.
First you need to replace soft drinks and sugary drinks with lots of natural water and green tea.

Even the salt will be reduced significantly and replaced as much as possible with spices. As for food, sausages, snacks, fried foods and pre-packaged foods should be reduced as much as possible to make room for whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit.
In this last case, the use of draining herbal teas can be very useful, as long as it is not exaggerated in consumption.

Exercise to get lean legs:

A little movement will help you stimulate your metabolism and lose weight faster while remaining toned that is physical activity, a 40-minute walk is recommended every day. And exercises with a deflating and invigorating action are also indicated, to be done easily even at home.

Below are some sports to help you to get lean legs. Let’s start to tighten the shoelaces, and be active!

  1. Cardio
  2. Jumping Rope
  3. Pistol Squat
  4. Sissy Squat
  5. Goblet Squat
  6. Bridge
  7. Three-Way Lunge
  8. Single-Leg Dead Lift
  9. Skater’s lungs
  10. Plie
  11. Scale


Cardio for lean legsCardio is the most common type of exercise chosen to help form long and strong legs, because this activity is very effective at burning fat. Examples of cardio training are walking, jogging, to swimming, which is done at least 45-60 minutes a day. Perform routine 2-3 times per week. Cardio like jogging helps you not only warming you up but it can also form your lower body muscles! As in jogging the whole leg muscles from quadriceps to calf involved thus, tighten your feet and make it strong too.


Jumping Rope

lean legs with jumping ropeIt is an aerobic exercise, perfect for disposing of fat and calories. Skipping rope is a complete workout, able to tone arms and legs very effectively.  To jump rope, a bit of training is needed but this type of home training has the advantage of being able to be practiced anywhere and of burning a lot of fat in a short time.

To train yourself by jumping rope, it is important to have the right shoes (well cushioned) and not have problems affecting the joints.


Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat for legs

This movement helps strengthen the quadriceps while tightening the buttocks. Stand like your feet hip-width apart and the position of your hand must be straight forward or in front of the chest and clasped. Swing your right leg forward a few centimeters from the floor. Then, squat by bending your left knee up to 90 degrees. While you are squatting, raise your right leg to align with your hips. Do 2-3 sets, with each set of movements repeated 15-20 times.

Sissy Squat 

Sissy Squat

This movement strengthens the front thighs, hamstrings, and calves. In this movement, you need a bench as your grip moves. Stand next to the bench with your toes on your feet and your right hand holding the back of the chair. Bend your knees forward to form a 90 degree angle. When your knees are bent, you bend backwards to form 45 degrees. Both of these positions when done will form a straight line position from knee to shoulder. After bending, stand back up. Do 2-3 sets. Each set consists of 15-20 repetitions


Goblet Squat 

Goblet Squat Goblet squats help you tighten your buttocks and form quadriceps muscles. Stand with feet wider than the shoulder. The position of the hand holding the dumbbell vertically with both hands in front of the chest, elbows pointing to the side. Then, squat until your knees form a 90 degree angle. Next return to a standing position.

To make your training session more intense, you can modify it by jumping small when you get up from a squatting position and land with your knees bent again. Do 2-3 sets. Each set consists of 15-20 repetitions.


bridge exercise for legsThe target in this movement is the buttocks and thigh muscles. Lie with your arms to your right and left. Then twist your both knees with your feet flat on the floor. Then lift your hips to make a straight line from shoulder to knee. Hold for 25 seconds. Repeat this movement several times.

Three-Way Lunge

Best-Inner-Thigh-Exercises 3 way lungThis movement helps tighten the thigh and buttocks muscles.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, with your hands holding your waist or in front of your chest. There are several stages of movement in this movement.

  • Right foot forward with knees bent 90 degrees
  • Return to standing position
  • The right leg is pulled to the right side with the knee bent 90 degrees
  • Return to standing position
  • Right leg backwards with knees bent 90 degrees
  • Repeat the above steps from the beginning for the left leg. Do 2-3 sets with repetition of movements each set 15 times on each side

Single-Leg Dead Lift

Single-Leg Dead Lift


Stand tall with feet hip-width apart. Each hand holds the dumbbell with the palm facing the thigh. The body is bent straight forward. One leg is stretched backward to form a straight line from shoulder to foot.

Skater’s lungs

Skater's lungs

Stand up with your feet wide open. Then cross the legs to the opposite side. If left foot, take a big step to the right, and vice versa. The hand positions are rotated with straight hands. If your left foot takes a step towards the right, then your hand swings to the left. Next, return to standing position as before. Then continue the movement on the next leg back and forth alternately right and left. Do 3 sets, with 20 repetitions of each leg movement to the right and left.


plie work outsThe dancers perform a very intense heating, both at the bar and on the ground. Work at the bar provides some exceptional exercises to slim and tone the legs. One of these is the plie. This is a bending of the knees by keeping the feet facing outwards and “in line” with the bending. The movement is tiring but extremely effective: you go down bending over on your knees and, for the most trained, you also raise your heels off the ground.

This last variation allows to model perfectly even the calves and the buttocks. Instead of the bar, at home, you can use a chair or the back of the sofa as a support for the hand.

Important: the support does not serve to cling but only, precisely, to support your hand with grace and maintain balance.



scale exercise for strengthening legs and thighsGoing up and down stairs is one of the best workouts for getting toned and slim legs in record time. It is a simple but very intense workout, able to perfectly shape even the buttocks, raising them.

Taking the stairs is possible everywhere and the posture plays a very important role: the back must remain straight and the abdominals must be kept well contracted.

You can start with a couple of floors to go up and down several times, and then gradually increase.



outburst exercisesOn the fitness mat, on all fours, you can perform numerous exercises for toning your legs. Among these, we recall the impulses. Always keeping your abdominal muscles perfectly contracted, lift your leg (by pushing it) back upwards. This movement also shapes the buttocks, making them bikini-proof and helps the circulation of the legs by deflating them.

The momentum can also be practiced laterally by stretching out the leg or keeping it bent: the inner thigh will thank it.



All the above sports are simply to help you in leaning up your legs. Balanced fat-free diet as described initially and workout together will give an impressive look. Not only your legs will be thin but your overall body will be shaped. It is advisable to take guidance from a nutritionist and a gym head to take good start. In case of any issue must visit doctor.








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