Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Kind of Dental Crowns

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Teeth are most interesting part of our body why because it’s the hardest element in us. It is considered as an important aspect for your facial characteristics. If you are suffering from any kind of damage use of dental crowns is safest way to enhance your facial characteristics. But not all false teeth are created equal every individual has different sets of facial images so selection is fundamental.

When comes to using dental crowns there are various types of materials that can be used to make it. The common materials used to make this are ceramic, porcelain and gold, which are designed to provide protection and guarantee to a tooth that has been damaged. These products can be prepared for temporary or permanent use based on patients’ condition of tooth.

Elegantly pleasing crowns

Ceramics are widely used options because material that is being used in ceramics has similarities to match the natural color of a tooth. It can also mix well with rest of tooth so there won’t be any variance. This gives a natural look so which is a best option for upper front teeth, However, it’s a brittle type of crown so it should not be used for any other part of oral cavity other than frontal teeth. This material is expensive when compared to other types of crowns.

Combination of aesthetics & durability

Porcelain dental crowns are effective replacement for all ceramic based. When compared to ceramic-based crown porcelain metal offers less cost and high benefits. When comes to benefit of durability it gives metal lining reinforcement. In case of Gum line damages, it shows the metal lining clearly that can affect appearance. If it is placed in an unsatisfied manner it will cause problems to surrounding teeth.

There is a specific kind which is known as pressed to metal crown. It will provide all the benefits without any limitations.  It has stronger and high chip resistant when compared to traditional material. When comes to safety an aspect of this material it does not have any guarantee.

Use material that protects your oral cavity

Gold alloy crowns are made of a metallic mixture that includes platinum nickel and copper, these mixtures depend on requirement. It provides the best advantage for a tooth which has incredible strength; it also has high longevity. This type has a minimal damaging effect on other teeth when compared to others.

Making a gold alloy is highly expensive; it has to be made with high quality. This means making a gold crown take more than making common ceramic or porcelain. It has the power to change overview of your smile, but if you are not concerned about personality and has financial strength means it’s a perfect restoration procedure.

Ideal material for severe decay

Base metal alloys are commonly used for producing crowns; it has a mixture of nickel, cobalt, chromium, and beryllium. These metals have strength and high corrosion resistance so it has been selected for durability reasons. Compared to other materials this has less damage to surrounding teeth.

For using these material dentists have to remove only a part of a tooth so it does not need more surgical process. It’s these benefits that compel patients to use this type of crowns with extensive tooth decay. In some cases, metal alloys can be allergic to the patients so it’s necessary to ask for any allergic problems before starting.


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