How to Clean and Care for Your Invisible Aligners

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Invisible Clear Aligners are the best alternative for traditional braces. It is an aesthetic solution for correcting the malalignment of teeth. If you have chosen Clear Aligner for your orthodontic treatment, then you have made the right decision. The quality and services will give you an excellent experience. Although Clear Aligners are used for getting straight teeth, it can also lead to bad breath and compromised oral hygiene if not cleaned properly. Do not worry, Clear Aligners are trustworthy, but every Aligner needs proper care. You will have to clean your Aligners regularly. This is necessary for ensuring the efficacy of the treatment. Most people are unaware of the process to clean Aligners. So here is a complete guide with some useful tips to clean your clear aligners daily.

How to clean Aligners and Trays?

how-to-clean-clear-aligners-with-brush-and-waterWell, cleaning your aligners is part and parcel of your clear aligners treatment. These aligners and trays are just like teeth which need to be cleaned daily. You will not want to damage these trays as they are costly. If you have no idea about the methods to clean Clear Aligners then here is the best solution for you. Use any of these methods and clean your clear aligners daily.

  •    Soap/Vinegar and Water

You can use soap or vinegar for cleaning as these two are readily available at home. Now if you are using soap, then select a gentle and unscented one in a liquid state. Add a little bit of soap in one cup of water and then soak Aligners trays in this solution for about 20-30 minutes. Then brush with a soft toothbrush and rinse it properly. If you are using vinegar, then choose the white vinegar and mix it with water in 1:3 ratio(1 part vinegar and 3 part water). Soak the Aligners and after about 20 minutes, brush it followed by proper rinsing with clean water.

    Baking soda and water

Mix a spoon full of baking soda in half cup water. Soak, brush and rinse the trays after 60 minutes. Make sure that you have cleaned it properly.

  •    Professional cleaning products

These products are specially designed for cleaning aligners. It retains the power of the clear aligners so that they work efficiently without harming the teeth. These are available in the form of tablets or powder. You have to dissolve it in water and then soak the aligner trays in it. If you find these products costly, then above solutions are perfect for protecting aligners from plaque and bacteria. Otherwise, you will have to get replacement aligners which will cost you a lot.

 Simple methods to care for Clear Aligners

Aligners need more care than the original teeth as they have a high tendency to catch plaque and diminish oral hygiene. You need to add a few minutes to your daily routine to take care of your clear aligners. It will increase the life of your clear aligners and will give you best results in return. Aligners have to be used for more than 18 hours a day. It means wearing them for a long time may compromise your dental hygiene if they are not kept clean.

  •    Don’t leave your aligners in open

cost of dental alignersAligners, when left in free gets in contact with bacteria. It is the reason for lousy odour and plaque buildup. So try to be safe as it could also lead to sickness. If you are keeping it out of your mouth, then soak it in a cleaning solution and rinse it properly. It will protect your aligners from getting damaged.

  •    Avoid coloured and scented soaps for a DIY solution

Coloured and scented soaps are not suitable for your aligners. Aligners are worn for more than 22 hours, which means the solvent can harm your health. The colour & scent of the soap does not wash off entirely even after repeated rinsing. So a small residue may be left on it which may turn hazardous for your health. Always use unscented and colourless soaps for this process.

Brush your aligners daily liners are not just used to align your teeth, but it also remains in your mouth for many hours. So only rinsing it with water is not enough. The residue on your aligners can only be removed if you brush it. You brush your teeth daily to protect it from plaque and maintain oral hygiene. The aligners have the same procedure of cleaning like teeth. Brushing aligners regularly with a soft toothbrush increase its life.

  •    Clean teeth and trays after waking up

Using aligners doesn’t mean that you will not need to clean your teeth. Aligners are worn overnight, so you must remove them and clean them and your teeth when you get up in the morning. You must also clean them before going to sleep.

Important Facts

Over 15,00,000 patients have been treated with this Clear aligner system until now. Due to the advanced technology used by the Indian company, the results of the treatment are predictable, and patients have had successful results. A large number of orthodontists in India today are using clear aligners. Since the company is based in India out of Indian also, it is much more affordable and alternative to Metal Braces or Traditional Braces.

Some Useful Tips

  •    Don’t use toothpaste to clean Aligners

Most of the clear aligner patients make the mistake of using toothpaste for cleaning aligners. If you do not want, your aligners to look dull or change colour then avoid using toothpaste. The solutions we have provided you to clean your aligners are the best. Aligners are delicate, and mouthwash will destroy its medical-grade plastic, thus making it opaque and visible to others.

  •    Don’t use hot water for soaking or cleaning aligners

Hot water can quickly destroy and deform the plastic sheet of the aligners. It should not be used to clean or soak aligners. You are recommended to use cold water instead of hot.

  •    Remove aligners while eating or drinking

Aligners are not designed to be used while eating. So if you are taking a drink other than water and chewing something then remove the aligners before doing that. People often use aligners while eating, which leads to the staining of clear aligners. Also, it can lead to many dental issues caused by damaged aligners.

  •    Keep Aligners in carrying case when not in use 

Aligners can be removed to brush & floss your teeth or while eating & drinking. Make sure you rinse your aligners as soon as you remove them and keep them in a carry case when not in use. This protects them from dust & accidental damage/loss


To ensure the efficacy of treatment and oral hygiene, one must clean the aligners properly. The daily routine of your life can change the way you are using your aligners. These treatments need special care, which will give you the best results in the form of properly aligned teeth. company is providing a suitable method for cleaning. Their Clear Aligners with correct cleaning and care will help you in achieving your goal for perfect teeth. If you have any query about Clear Aligners, and then feel free to contact us.

Most frequently asking questions about dental braces:

Which type of braces are best?

– Clear aligners are the best transparent orthotontic treatment.Ceramic and metal are traditional braces.which is cost effective no one likes ugly face after wearing this braces.So many eating restriction with these braces.

What is a good age of braces?

–  It is a good age of braces are 22-28 age are minimum required. Thats is a best age of braces.It is very cost effective and very smooth dental onwords ,

How much does it cost for dental braces?-

– Its start from Rs. 25,000 and its goes upto Rs. 4,00,000 on critical case. clear aligners are expensive onces and metal braces are cost effective braces.


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