Types of Teeth Whitening Solutions

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Every person wants to whiten their teeth, but most people suffer from the problem or pale teeth. The bad eating habits and poor dental care are the most prominent reasons for the paleness of teeth. Also, the deficiency of vitamins and mineral in the body can be the cause of the problem.

There are many types of products that claim to brighten your teeth. However, it is difficult to find the right products that can offer you sure shot results. From teeth whitening strips to surgeries, there are many solutions. Let us know about some simple solutions for removing the paleness of teeth.

7 Ways of Teeth Whitening:

  1. Teeth whitening strips

The teeth whitening strips are the most popular among the available products. They are sold over the counter and are inexpensive than other products. Moreover, they are easy to use and work for most people. However, teeth whitening strips may take more time to show the desired results.

        2. Brightening Toothpaste

There are some teeth whitening toothpastes that contain mild abrasives. They can remove the surface stains from your teeth and reduce the paleness. Some of them contain additional polishing agents and chemicals to remove the stains and offer shine to your teeth. However, they can only remove the surface stains and not bleach your teeth in any case. Always buy toothpaste with an ADA seal of acceptance as they are safe for your oral health.

       3. Teeth whitening trays

Another product is the teeth whitening trays that people need to wear daily for a couple of hours or overnight for a few weeks to see the desired results. They are available over the counter of medicine stores, but they may or may not fit the shape of your teeth. You can get customized teeth whitening trays from a dentist that are more effective and made for the perfect shape and size of your teeth.

      4. Whitening Gels

The teeth whitening gels are also available over the counter in medical stores. You can use them directly on your teeth or put them in a customized tray to fix it on your teeth. The whitening trays also contain gels that come in contact with your teeth when you wear them. Whitening gels contain peroxides that remove the surface stains and bleach your teeth to reduce paleness. People who want sure and fast results should take the trays or gels from a dentist as they are more effective than products available on shops.

          5. Teeth whitening gums

There are teeth whitening gums that you only need to chew like chewing gum. These gums are available in grocery shops as well as medical stores from where you can purchase them. However, they may or may not provide you the desired results as they contain mild bleaching agents.

        6. Mouthwash products

Several mouthwash products in the markets claim to whiten your teeth. Mouthwashes are easy to use as all you need it to put a little liquid in your mouth, move it over your teeth for a few seconds and throw it out. They also contain mild agents and may not produce the desired results. However, if you prefer using mouthwash, you can ask your dentist to recommend one for you.

        7. Home remedies

There are plenty of home remedies that people use for teeth whitening. Some use banana peels, some use lemons, and others recommend using turmeric to whiten teeth. However, home remedies cannot offer you the desired results, as you can get from a dental procedure. Therefore, it is best to visit a dentist and ask him/her to recommend the right product for teeth whitening. It will save your time and effort that you put into achieving the results.

Visit a dentist

People who don’t know which product will work for them can visit a dentist for the right solution. Depending on a person’s requirements and severity of the condition, a dentist can offer the proper process to whiten their teeth. A teeth whitening process by a dentist is the safest and offer you sure results. A dentist mill park uses strong agents to offer fast results, but they are safe for gums and mouth.

Moreover, when you use over the counter products, you cannot edit the concentration of active ingredients in the product. However, a dentist can customize the concentration of agents in a product. Also, your dentist checks the overall condition of your mouth and takes care of any other dental issues. It is not possible when you use over the counter products.

Final Words

These are some ways to brighten your teeth. The best way is to follow a good dental care routine like regular brushing, flossing, and consuming the right foods. Avoid foods like tea, coffee, alcohol, and junk foods that stick to the teeth to create a layer on them. Consuming the right foods, and using the right products as recommended by your dentist can help you to get rid of the paleness of teeth.


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