Why Should You Use Removable Aligners?

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When it comes to straightening your teeth, do you wish to flaunt a better smile but worry about using the standard braces? You need to relax because you aren’t alone in this case! Just like you, other adults also have this concern, since they wish to have a straight smile, at the same time, they do not plan to lose their flexibility and go for treatments that actually work.

Many people turn to the use of braces, which adhere to the teeth permanently while the treatment goes on, meaning as soon as the treatment begins, you cannot consider removing the brackets and wires without consulting your orthodontist. You should also make sure that the orthodontist you choose has qualifications or orthodontic continuing education experience since they should be able to give the best treatment then.

However, the use of Invisalign is something different. They are clear, acrylic, and smooth aligners that are easy to remove, no matter what time you prefer. When it’s time to eat a meal, you can take off the aligner, as well as when you sleep at night.

The Reasons You Should Use Removable Aligners

No matter your age, you should know that you also deserve to have straight teeth and flaunt a bright smile. Misaligned ad crooked teeth not only give you an unattractive appearance but also make it difficult for you to clean your teeth. In the end, you will have periodontal problems or diseases, since cleaning your teeth would be more of a challenge, and you may end up losing your teeth. It can also lead to gum diseases, and cause bone damage, which is something inevitable.

Wearing traditional braces is always something that people reconsider twice. If you fear that wearing traditional braces would change the way you look, or have an effect on your self-esteem, here are some of the top benefits of why you need to consider wearing clear, and removable aligners to straighten your teeth.

Has No Effects on Your Eating Habits

If you were wearing braces in the past, or you know someone wearing them, you must be aware of the never-ending list of foods that you need to avoid and the beverages you should avoid. You should know you have to avoid sticky, gummy, or sugary food, which would be hard on your teeth as well as braces. Before you opt for the clear aligners as a part of your dental treatment, you should consult experts who go through seminars like Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, to understand exactly how clear aligners or Invisalign works. With clear aligners, you should not worry about the food you eat and the ones you have to avoid since you take them off in between meals. Everything else is an option and before a meal, you should just make sure that you take off the aligners.

Brushing and Flossier is Possible

If you plan to go for traditional braces, this could make it quite difficult for you to clean your teeth. With brackets and wires, it is possible that the food particles will end up between the brackets, teeth and the wires. At such times, it is best that you floss and brush your teeth. You should use special types of picks for your dental braces. With Invisalign, you can take off the aligners and use a toothbrush to clean your teeth and consider flossing. Using clear aligners, you should not worry about investing in any special product or procedure for the oral hygiene.

Take Off the Aligners Whenever!

No matter if, you plan to get a family photo, or want a professional headshot, if you wear braces and this keeps you feeling conscious, you should consult your dentist. They will recommend the use of Invisalign, which would guarantee that you do not worry about the aligners, and take them out before a photograph. Since photographs will help you have special memories that you can cherish for years to come, it is best that you wear clear options.

Have Control over Your Treatment

You should know that dental braces work effectively to straighten teeth but they have no precise effect on complex cases. A downside is that if you take them off without asking your orthodontist, it may lead to some problems. At any time, you can adjust or remove the aligners, and stay in control throughout the treatment period.

As you wear clear aligners, you need to remember that if you want them to work well; you need to wear them for at least 22 hours in a day, or a fixed duration, as your orthodontist would advise. In some cases, you can also sleep with your aligners at night, but remove them when you do not need them.

Keep in mind that clear aligners compared to traditional braces are a better choice since they offer flexibility in the treatment. However, for the best results, you should go for follow up visits frequently.


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