Different Types of Therapies to Treat Simple Diseases

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What do you desire most in life? Happiness and a sense of achievement. You can achieve both if you remain in good health. There are millionaires in the globe, who has cash stacked in the banks, but they are never happy, because of their ill health. So, perfect health is needed in proper condition to enjoy life. And in these times of fast life, it is very difficult to remain in good health amidst the pollution atmosphere. There are many, who just pop a pill at the very second, they get a headache. The reason, it gives them instant relief. However, please note, that there are different therapies to treat simple diseases. In this article, let us take a look at some of them.

Different Types of Therapies to Treat Simple Diseases

Let us imagine, you stay in Bangalore. Because of the excess heat and pollution, you fell ill. And now you are suffering from dust allergy. Other than going to an allopathic doctor to get a fast remedy, please look at the other therapies mentioned below. You can pick the suitable one as per your requirement for getting into perfect health. And the names in the list may be suitable for all simple diseases such as headache, cold symptoms and cough.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine:This medicine has been practiced for thousands of years ago. Even today, in China, more than fifty percent of the population relies on traditional Chinese medicine. In recent times, the practice has started gaining recognition all over the globe. The main principles of traditional Chinese medicine are based on the flow of energy via channels that are connected to body organs. As you know if one channel gets blocked, the functioning of a specific body organ may face obstacles. When the blocks are removed, then the body gets to normal again. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, three types are important – namely –
  • Herbal Medicine: As the title specifies, plant materials are used in the cure of diseases. Now, different parts of herbal plants have various medicinal uses. In Chinese herbal medicine, not only plant materials, but also animal parts and mineral products are used to treat diseases.Herbal Medicine

  • Acupuncture: You would have seen this method in various Hollywood movies. The process where needles of very thin size get inserted to the body only at specific regions. This method has become very popular in developed countries such as the United States. Acupuncture is very commonly followed to give relief from pain. But this type of treatment is used in combination with other treatments. Patronized by celebrities such as  Madonna, acupuncture finds its way to the different types of therapies to treat diseases.acupuncture

  • QiQong: This is the most commonly followed method in China and in countries, where martial arts are popular. This method relies on body postures, movement, and proper breathing to facilitate the proper flow of energy in all parts of the body. Usually, this method takes the form of various martial art forms such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu.qi qong


  1. Acupressure: Did you hear the word somewhere? Yes, but that is acupuncture, where needles get inserted to the body. In acupressure, the pressure gets applied at specific points to facilitate the flow of energy. So, when a block happens in one of the meridians, then you may get a disease. Please note, on the pressure points, the concerned force can be done by elbow, acupressure devices or by elbow. You can count on acupressure as one among the different types of therapies to treat simple diseases. In all, traditional Chinese medicine has been found effective in giving relief from vomiting, nausea, reduce back pain, stomach pain, and headache.acupressure
  2. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT): As the title suggests, animals are used in this type of treatment. It is generally found, that a child with a pet dog has greater social skills, does not suffer from depression and takes more responsibilities. Equine therapy is used for teaching social skills and reduce depression among autism children. Animal-assisted therapies have been found to enhance an individual’s emotional, social and cognitive functioning abilities. For children, having a pet has been found to improve immunity and better moods.
  3. Aromatherapy: What is the best part of the home? The kitchen, right. Now, when your spouse or mother prepares your favorite dish, then what is the word you utter when the recipe fumes strike you? Aroma, right. Now, you would have guessed the meaning of this therapy.  In short, this method makes use of plant oils and plant materials, to improve your mental and physical well-being. Aromatherapy is identified as the best form of alternative medicine in place of other treatments. So, what is your opinion? Does aromatherapy get included among the different types of therapies to treat diseases or not? But there is a disadvantage. You cannot find medical evidence on the internet that aromatherapy can cure or prevent diseases. Yes, it increases your emotional and physical well-being, that is the popular saying by the loyalists of aromatherapy.aromatherapy
  4. Crystal Healing: The human body does not need only proteins and carbohydrates, but also other types to remain in perfect health. Prominent among them are minerals and other types. In crystal healing, the practitioner makes use of crystals and stones to make your body remain in perfect health. According to crystal practicing experts, the human body has seven chakras each containing enormous amounts of energy. So, when crystals are placed on specific points on the body, the chakras get activated and an energy grid is formed. In fact, the energy grid is called as healing energy. And this power is said to make the human body remain in perfect health and ward off diseases.
  5. Reiki: Known as the Japanese system of healing which can promote healing and relaxation. When initiated, the cosmic energy from the Universe flows into your body, takes off the negative forces and makes you lively. Reiki is long known as the treatment which can heal not only the body but also the mind. In fact, although you can count Reiki as one of the different types of therapies to treat diseases, it is more regarded as the best method of self-improvement and spiritual healing. Reiki healing
  6. Ayurveda: This practice of healing simple and complex disease is prevalent in India since ancient times. Ayurveda works on the concept of Pancha bhootas or five elements in the body. If one element is reduced, then the body suffers from diseases. So, the treatment is more or less concerned with the balancing of life forces in the body. And it is one therapy which focuses on living in tandem with mother nature. So, if you are going for ayurvedic treatment for any disease, please note, you may need to follow a strict diet schedule.Ayurveda
  7. Unani Medicine:This system is also as old as Ayurveda, but it is from the other part of the world, Persia, and Arabia. In short, it was derived from the teachings of Greek philosophers and medicine great men, Galen and Hippocrates.Unani Medicine

Wrapping Up The Article On Different Types of Therapies To Treat Diseases  

So, the above-mentioned paragraphs mention the many types of treatment methods for relaxation against disease. But the question, is why should you suffer from the disease in the first place? If your immunity level in the body is low, if you are suffering from emotional pangs, then there are chances that you may get frequently affected with diseases.

According to fitness experts, exercise and a proper diet are vital to making your stay in perfect health. Yes, you can say lots of excuses, such as being a working professional and staying in good health is difficult. And then there are those, who say that they do not find time to go to the gym. In similar scenarios, you can always opt for a personal gym trainer to come to your home and give instructions. Let us imagine you are in Bangalore and in the role of a operations manager in a software company. Now, you do not find time to go to the gym. But you can contact the best personal trainer via the home maintenance companies who offer doorstep services in Bangalore. Now they have the best personal trainer Bangalore in their payrolls. You just need to download the app and search for the best trainer near your home. You can remain in perfect fitness by following the instructions given by the trainer.


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