Good Tips for Daily Oral Care at Home

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Taking care of your teeth is essential for oral health. It is not only crucial for your mouth, but for the entire body. If you are not taking proper care of your teeth, you may face many health issues in the future. To keep your teeth strong and healthy for the lifetime, here are top 10 tips for daily oral care at home.

Before anything else, you should follow these tips first, and it will keep yourself away from visiting the dentists.

10 Tips for Daily Oral Care at Home

  1. Pick the right brush: Oral Care starts with picking up the right brush for brushing your teeth. Pick a brush with small-head and bristles which reaches till the end of your teeth. A small head brush cleans up your teeth thoroughly and removes leftover food particles effectively from your mouth.Portrait of a young smiling girl cleaning her teeth, looking at the bathroom mirror. Lifestyle, beauty concept photo
  2. Use brush Gently on your teeth: If it essential for you to brush your teeth twice in a day. However, you should not brush your teeth hard. If you brush on with force, it can damage your gums. It also weakens the root surface of your teeth which causes severe injuries. You should brush your teeth with a soft hand.Portrait of pretty young blonde woman cleaning her teeth.
  3. Floss regularly : You should floss at least once a day. It is the best way to remove plaque from the teeth where your brush cannot quickly reach. Flossing removes all the food particles and other bacteria which are stick to the surface of your teeth. You should also consult a dentist who can guide you better with different techniques of flossing.
  4. Avoid Sugary Drinks: Sugar in the diet is the major contributor to developing the tooth decay. If you take too much of cold-drinks, then you will have to visit the dentist very soon. Sugary drinks are the main enemies of your tooth, and tooth-related issues start with having sugary drinks too often.
  5. Brush enough: Many people brush their teeth twice in a day; however, they don’t brush them enough. You should brush your teeth thoroughly for at least 10 minutes to remove leftover food particles and harmful bacteria from the mouth.
  6. Use a Mouthwash: Mouthwash is very useful for cleaning your mouth if you don’t have enough time to brush up your teeth. You should add an effective Mouthwash to your oral care. It keeps your mouth clean and tooth decay away.
  7. Use a Tongue Scrapper: New generation toothbrushes come with built-in tongue scraper at the back. Brushing your teeth removes bacteria and food particles only from the teeth, not from the tongue. Your tongue stores high volume of bacteria which is not suitable for your health. You should start using a Tongue Scrapper and clean up your tongue after brushing your teeth.
  8. Drink plenty of water: Water keeps your mouth clean and removes bacteria from the teeth. It is recommended by the expert dentists to drink plenty of water. Mouth dryness increases plague which is the main reason behind tooth decay. To keep your mouth and teeth clean from bacteria and food particles, you should drink water every half hour.
  9. Eat Healthy Foods: You should avoid beverages and fast food and add healthy foods to your diet. Foods such as fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains are very good for the health of your teeth. They provide enough calcium to your teeth which is essential nutrients for the strong teeth. You should also add dairy products to your diet.
  10. Visit your dentist twice a year: You should not avoid visiting your dentist. If you care for your teeth and don’t want to lose them at the early age, you need to visit your dentist and maintain regular check-ups to their clinics. They can advise you and can find out the tooth decay so it can be cured. They would also recommend Mouthwash, toothbrushes and other products which are suitable for the health of your teeth.

If you live in San Jose and find it difficult to get a regular dentist clinic in San Jose, you should visit the CSD once. Dr. Gagan Sandhu manages a team of highly expert dentists here who provide the best dental solutions for any tooth-related issues. They would also offer you some oral hygiene tips which you should follow on a daily basis.




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