Expenses That Occur While Having a Child

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The joy of having a child is overwhelming, but it also brings along certain expenses and health issues. Apart from the joy of becoming parents, you will want your money to be spent wisely. You need to consider a few points while you are pregnant which includes spending your money smartly. If you do not take careful steps, your finances might end into some out-of-the-pocket expenses. Having logical expenses along with taking care of the mother and the child is essential. Opting for maternity insurance will provide you coverage for all the pregnancy-related expenses, provided they are listed in the policy.

What is maternity health insurance?

Maternity health insurance is a health insurance cover which provides the coverage for the expenses throughout the pregnancy and post-pregnancy as well. It can be bought from your employer or individually. Earlier, the insurance service providers considered pregnancy as a pre-existing condition which they would deny to cover if you applied while you are pregnant. But now, the case is different as they give you advantages of a maternity insurance plan even if you applied in between your pregnancy. You can buy your insurance policy from your employer. This can be beneficial because it will not only cover your employer will pay the maternity plan but also half of the amount. This way it becomes a very convenient package for you.

Following are the expenses that might occur while conceiving:

●IVF procedures – many couples out there suffer from various complications in conceiving a baby or some of them might have the issue of infertility. In such cases, they can conceive a baby through the IVF procedure. The cost may vary in every situation depending on the person and doctor, which generally costs between 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs.
●Delivery expenses – once the baby is delivered, he/she needs to be taken care of very delicately. This is also a costly affair.
●Pre-natal care cost – there might arise some complications which need to be treated at the right time. Also, a healthy lifestyle needs to be maintained by the mother.
●Post-natal care cost – once the baby is delivered, the post-pregnancy procedures which include regular health check-ups. Cost of nutrition and such expenses can be covered through the maternity insurance plan.

Bajaj Finserv’s Maternity Health Insurance Policy

For having the best Health Insurance with maternity cover, you can apply online to Bajaj Finserv for the maternity insurance policy. It will provide you with a financial cover for the expenses related to pregnancy. Not only that, but it also takes care of the mother post-delivery. The maternity insurance policy of Bajaj Finserv is undoubtedly beneficial for the child and the mother through the entire journey. The benefits and features of the health insurance policy by Bajaj Finserv’s include tax savings, claim free bonus, fast claims settlement, cashless facility, hospitalization coverage, ambulance charges, easy online application, new-born care, and comprehensive coverage.

Exclusions of the plan:

The Bajaj Finserv’s Maternity health insurance does not cover the following expenses:
●A consultation fee of a doctor for a routine check-up.
●Follow-up diagnostic tests that take place during the nine months pregnancy
●The vitamins and tonics prescribed to the mother and the baby (unless it is a part of the treatment)


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