Is Health insurance a need for all in Pakistan?

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We live in an unfortunate world of advanced technology where the majority lives in below poverty line, living without proper sanitation, unsafe water, poor healthcare and lack of education. In the 65 years of journey, Pakistan has failed to provide its citizens with the basic necessities of life and the irony is, nobody is willing to do something about it. Despite prodigious promises, the health care system in Pakistan is collapsed. Pakistan is facing rising rates of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other non-communicable diseases, but are we left with no possible option than to ridicule the government? Probably not!is health insurance is necessary for all

The obvious solution to the health crisis is without any doubt health insurance. Health insurance in Pakistan has high contributions in providing immediate medical care to its customers and helps them recover without getting bankrupt. Medical isn’t cheap at all in Pakistan. With few government hospitals where quality health care is rare; the demand for health insurance plans are bound to increase. So what does health insurance do? Do we really need to buy it?

health insurance in pakistan

What else. Health insurance in Pakistan is the foremost way to get protected from health-related issues, if you are one of roughly 20 million uninsured Pakistanis, you may wonder why health insurance is important- especially at your teenager. It is right to say that health insurance is one way to save money at times of prodigious medical cost. Medical isn’t cheap in Pakistan as in Pakistan, it can cost you thousands of rupees for a single visit to a doctor. Studies show people who ignore health insurance tend to suffer from anxiety in times of medical needs and are more likely to be bankrupt.

Health insurance helps you recover from big heart and lung diseases:

I am sure my audience is mature enough to estimate the prodigious costs of operations and heart surgeries.  Health insurance helps you pay the high cost of Cosmetic surgery, Weight-loss surgery, Acupuncture, Infertility treatment, Long-term care while giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Without insurance, these circumstances lead people to take loans which eventually make them bankrupt later on. So they never get healed. In short, health insurance plans are made to cover preventive health services which can keep you healthy and screen for potential health issues that could cause problems later insurance for big heart and lung diseases

One-month admission in hospital:

Most health insurance plans cover for the patient who is admitted to the hospital. One month expenditure is covered by the insurance plan. It just can’t better than that. A relaxed mind has more chances to heal than a depressed one. Reduce your problems by taking preventive measures from the early age. Your small steps may prove fruitful in future. By the way, it is never good to risk your loved ones life!patient admitted in hospital

 It saves your money:

This is obvious and has already been discussed. Health insurance plans save your money on operations and surgeries while giving you the desired comfort. It helps you stabilize your financial position even at the times of emergencies.

 It helps you in getting follow up care:

Some hospitals in Pakistan (mostly the government one) traditionally care for patients with urgent needs, such as broken bones or head injuries, regardless of their ability to pay. However, they won’t help you with follow-up treatment. Health insurance in Pakistan covers for the necessary follow-up rehab care or whatever service you need to get back. Never the less, follow-up is the most essential thing after getting an operation or a surgery otherwise chances of bad health are always high. With health insurance, you will never find trouble in following up on your treatment. Seems perfect?

While finding the best health insurance is not less than a herculean task especially when there are tons of health insurance providers in every outskirt of the country. However, a bit of digging can help you the most suitable one for your needs. The comparison is always a profound way to know insights of any plan and with the advancement of technology and introduction of comparison tools online, it has become much easier to find out the trendiest plans. Health insurance companies are like different bottles of drinks but are packed with different punches. All plans may not be the same as they may provide different facilities. Therefore, keep your needs in your mind and look for a plan that covers each and every aspect of your needs. Try asking a question to the insurer about anything about the plan including the additional bonuses and services. These things should be given good consideration otherwise buying a useless plan is of no use. Moreover, read terms and policies as they may tell you more about the insurance policies. Most people tend to ignore this part which creates problems in the future. Terms and conditions are meant to be read not to be skipped.


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