Hearing Loss – Symptoms, Types and Treatment

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Hearing loss is when your ability to hear is reduced. A hearing loss makes it more difficult for you to hear speech and other sounds.Nowadays hearing loss is a fastest growing defect. It showed not in the old age groups but all group people suffer from hearing loss. The symptoms of the hearing loss differ from people to people or in different age group.


  • Listening radio and television at a high volume.
  • Ask people to repeat the word in the discussion.
  • Feel stressed out from straining to hear what others people are saying.
  • Feel annoyed to other people because you can’t hear or understand them.
  • People who suffered from hearing loss can have a family history of hearing loss.
  • They have also suffered from some major diseases like diabetes, heart, circulation or thyroid problems.
  • Ototoxic drugs also harm the hearing loss.

symptoms of hearing loss in humans


It is always noticeable that the hearing loss occurs in a person due to their family members or if they have family history of hearing loss which is called genetic hearing loss. And when any person ask or told you something but you was like sorry, your voice isn’t clear, say it again that means your voice sensing organs isn’t work properly. That’s why you facing difficulties in hearing. Even It will help to them to know you are suffering from hearing loss and sometimes they laugh on you or crack jokes  on you like go and meet specialist who will help you to hearing us. It is often the case that the others begin to notice that the person is not hearing as well as they used to but sometimes feel uncomfortable mentioning it.

“There is overwhelming evidence that it’s a big mistake to ignore the signs that hearing is changing and affecting your ability to communicate as you have always done before”,

Types of Hearing test

These are the following a key step is having a hearing test.

1.Online hearing screening

2.Professional hearing tests

Online hearing screening : online screening are certainly not a replacement for a full hearing test undertaken by a qualified professional. An online checkup can give you a quick but only general indication of whether hearing can change and reassure before arranging a hearing test.

Professional hearing test : In the professional hearing test arrange an appointment for a hearing assessment by a qualified audiologist which includes comprehensive hearing test

Hearing aids NHS or Private

We may start our journey towards better hearing through NHS or Private. You should be able to get whatever is going to work best for you.

NHS hearing care :- If you want your hearing tested through NHS, the first step is to visit your GP. If your GP agree that you might have hearing loss. They will refer you to see NHS audiologist normally based on your hospital in your area.

NHS hearing aids are free and, although there are hearing aids to suit different type of hearing loss.

Private hearing care :- A private audiologist is normally able to spend more time with you and can offer more option, including access to a wider, range of technology from different”, manufacturers and different fitting styles. After your hearing assessment, they can explain the choices based on what’s based you and what’s suitable.

Treatment for hearing loss

treatment of the hearing loss

Here are three steps you can take to help at work

1.Work closely with specialist doctors :  

A big part of overcoming obstacles you may be facing at work involves understanding why you are experiencing these problems in the first place.

2. Find the best treatment for your diagnosis.

3. know your rights and seek assistance.

Finally, hearing loss identified by the others as our family members, friends, and classmates.





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