Home Remedies For Dizziness and Nausea

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Home remedies for dizziness

Dizziness is a common condition that is faced by everyone at least once in life. A feeling of lightheadedness or loss of balance is termed as dizziness. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and a person may feel like fainting too, in some cases. Dizziness and nausea can occur in people for different reasons, there is not just one cause that leads to the condition. It is not a disease, dizziness is a symptom of another ailment.

Mild dizziness gets resolved itself over time and does not require any sort of treatment. It can be due to a lack of an adequate amount of sleep or due to deprivation of water level in the body.

Some cases of dizziness and nausea are severe and can be the symptom of vertigo, which requires treatment to ease the issue. To restore your equilibrium, some nausea home remedy and certain lifestyle alterations would be of much help in curing dizziness and nausea.

Consult a doctor as soon as you feel dizzy to know the intensity and severity of your dizziness. After taking the symptoms into account, your doctor will recommend the right medications or suggest some dizziness home remedies to treat the underlying cause.

You must be thinking of, what causes dizziness with nausea? Various causes lead to such a situation. Lightheadedness is caused due to low blood supply to the brain whereas vertigo is a result of disturbance in the inner ear canal or brain balance centers.

Some conditions that cause dizziness in patients are:

  1. Low blood pressure
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Dehydration
  4. Side-effects of certain medications
  5. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level
  6. Postural or orthostatic hypotension
  7. Endocrine disorders
  8. Hyperventilation
  9. Heart conditions
  10. Vasovagal syncope
  11. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  12. Stroke
  13. Head injuries
  14. Certain conditions, such as anemia, migraines, or anxiety

Natural remedies for treating dizziness and nausea

If you are experiencing repeated episodes of dizziness, certain Dizziness home remedies can work wonders and resolve your issue. There are plenty of natural cures and treatments for treating the same. Let’s discuss some natural and most effective ways for treating dizziness and nausea at home. read some best home remedies for dizziness and nausea.

  1. Keep your body hydrated

Dehydration can be one of the major causes that lead to dizziness. If your body lacks a sufficient amount of fluid, you may experience dizzy spells. The body requires an adequate amount of water to keep it working, however, it is necessary to maintain the water balance in the body.

Drinking plenty of water daily helps in keeping the body hydrated and prevents you from feeling dizzy. To maintain a water balance, drinking a minimum of 8 to 12 cups of water daily is recommended by a doctor. Make it a habit of drinking more water after physical exercise or activity, as it will lose the water content from the body in the form of sweat, and will make you dehydrated.

Keeping your body hydrated prevents dizziness and is one of the best dizziness and nausea treatments, which does not require any effort and is easy to follow.

  1. Ginger, a curative ingredient

If we talk about home remedies for treating any ailment, ginger is a common ingredient that tops the list. It is commonly known for its curative properties and is readily available in the kitchen of every household. Ginger is an effective ingredient that can be used at home for dizziness and nausea treatment. It has been tested over the years and is found effective in treating dizzy spells. It promotes blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body, thus preventing dizziness and nausea. Ginger can be taken in any form, you can simply chew the small pieces of ginger or sip 2 cups of ginger tea daily to cure dizzy spells.

  1. Eat high fiber food

Heavy meals like potatoes, white rice, etc. can cause a drop in blood sugar level, which makes the person feel off balance. Hypoglycemia is a condition that leads to dizziness in patients and is mostly found in people suffering from diabetes. Eating high fiber food can prevent dizziness caused by dips in blood sugar. Beans, whole grains, protein meat are some Dizziness treatment food that should be included in the diet to cure dizziness.

  1. Honey

Honey is a natural ingredient and a home remedy to treat the effects of dizziness. Honey consists of natural sugar that energizes the body while preventing it from dizziness. Intake of honey mixed with cinnamon is a proven method to treat the bouts of dizziness. Mixing honey with apple cider vinegar helps in circulating blood flow to the brain while curing dizziness and nausea.

  1. Get a massage or Acupressure

Get a soothing massage to promote wellness and prevent bouts of dizziness. If you are feeling dizzy due to anxiety, lavender oil may help you to cure the cause. Nowadays, Acupressure is recommended by doctors to treat various ailments. It helps in stimulating body pressure points while making one feel relaxed. It helps in reducing dizziness to a greater extent.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a Chinese herb that is used in treating dizziness and vertigo conditions. It is believed to increase circulation and blood flow to the brain. It is an effective ingredient that is easily found in the market in the liquid and capsule formation.

  1. Practice Exercises

If a person is experiencing dizziness due to repeated episodes of vertigo, practicing certain exercises regularly helps in eliminating dizziness. Epley maneuvers, Semont maneuver, Brandt-Daroff exercise, and so on are some of the most effective treatments for eliminating dizziness. The following maneuver should be performed regularly 2 to 3 times a day for up to 2 weeks for optimal results. Consulting a doctor is recommended before practicing any exercise for correct procedures and techniques.

  1. Lifestyle alterations

A little lifestyle alteration can be of much help. Giving up on alcohol and tobacco can help you to treat conditions like dizziness and nausea. Alcohol tends to dehydrate the body thus resulting in dizziness.

There are times when dizziness is severe. If you face prolonged bouts of dizziness, don’t just ignore it. Seeking medical advice is recommended, to treat the underlying condition through medications or therapeutically therapies.


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