How to Build Muscle Quickly?

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One of the things most people who go to the gym to build muscles wish they can avoid is waiting. Especially, when it has to do with lifting weights for specific outcomes.

It is true that you will need to give yourself some time to see any significant changes occur in your body. However, one of the indications that you are doing it all wrong is if there are no noticeable changes after a few months. This may only mean that your workout routine is a complete waste of time. In addition, nothing stops you from seeing additional progress even if you are already seeing a few changes in your body.

Here are a few ways you can quickly build muscle mass.

  • Increase the Volume Of Your Training: One of the significant factors in muscles growth is the volume of your This involves the how many reps and sets you perform in   each routine. The irony is that in order to increase training intensity, you may need to reduce the weight you lift. A reputable sports performance coach in New York said that during the hypertrophy period of an exercise, intensity has to drop. She said   that this is true when compared with strength training. She further recommended performing 3 to 6 sets of ten to twenty reps of each lift to achieve the volume of training your muscles need to grow.
  • The Eccentric Phase of The Exercise Is Crucial: There   are two phases that are vital in any weight lifting exercise. They are; the eccentric also known as the easy phase, and the concentric also known the hard phase. For example, you are practicing an   eccentric or easy action when you go low into a squat. Getting back up into a standing position is considered as a concentric or  difficult part of the exercise.

    Research conducted by the European Journal of Applied Physiology (EJAP) indicated that eccentric is the best action to trigger hypertrophy. You can perform two actions with the aim of boosting the eccentric actions in your workout. The first is integrating variations of eccentric only actions into your routine. The other is, slowing down the eccentric period of each workout routine. For instance, during a squat, you will have to end the routine lowering your back to the ground for eccentric only actions. However, this will only mean that you increase the weights you lift if you are only performing eccentric actions. Check this website to learn more.

  • Reduce the Rest Intervals Between Sets: The only reason you should play with your phone between workout sets is to set your rest interval between 30 and 90 seconds. The hormones responsible for quick muscle building (growth hormones and testosterone) are released quickly during your 30 to 90 second rest. This is particularly true when the objective of lifting is hypertrophy. You also have to ensure that you place a huge demand on your muscles until they are fatigued. A recent study indicated that fatigued muscles are crucial for hypertrophy. This has nothing to do with the number of sets and reps in the entire workout session. This implies that in other to grow your muscles quickly,  you have to eliminate the fear of burning out.
  • Consume Lots of Protein To Build Your Muscles Quickly: During workout sessions, your muscles are often burned out. As a result, one of the most effective ways to build them up is by consuming more An expert suggested that you will need to consume more  protein for quick muscle recovery — depending on your workout intensity. Research conducted by the University of Stirling indicated that people who lift weights need to eat between 0.25 and 0.30 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight during each meal.  The report stated that this is need for the best muscle growth result. This means that a person that weighs 175 pounds will need an  estimate of 20 to 24 grams of protein consumption in each meal after a workout session.
  • You Will Need Less of Calorie Deficits and More of Calorie Surpluses: This  can be challenging, especially if you are used to cutting down on calories to maintain or lose weight. However, you will need to eat more calories than you burn every day to effectively grow your  muscle mass as quickly as possible. This implies that you will notice more weight gain than weight loss. The reason for this is that consuming fewer calories than you burn will dampen your body’s   ability to build new muscles.

These tips will help you build your muscles as quickly as possible. However, these changes will not happen overnight.


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