The Benefits of Alkalized Water and Food & Balance Ph

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alkaline foodThe water alkaline system has already proven its good effect on the body. The ph balance of water can actually help in alkalizing the body.

Daily alkalized water intake neutralizes the body’s acidity that is caused by modern diet, pollution, and of course stress from family, work, or even relationship.

Alkaline waterObviously, plenty of water intake plus a healthful diet can really improve health and helps you avoid any diseases that are caused by acidification. These diseases are arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, diabetes, and even cancer.

In water alkaline system there are actually three filters in which the water should pass through:

  1. 1st It gives the water refreshing taste. Moreover, it eliminates chemicals like chlorine and chloramines which is the main reason why the water tastes bad and has odor.
  2. 2nd The water will go through the reverse osmosis process. This is a purifying membrane that helps in eliminating dissolved solids as well as heavy metals together with pollutants and bacteria.
  3. 3rd In here, the calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium will then turn into rich alkaline that is high in oxygen but low in hydrogen. Now this makes it healthful water.

What is ionized water: Know the effect to the body

The ionized water is the same with alkalized water. They are neither neutral nor acidic. Many would say that ionized water can give immeasurable benefit which is really true.  The alkaline water has a pH level of 8 depending on the alkaline water system equipment that is being used. The source of water can also be one of the major factors that can make the water itself slightly acidic. The alkaline water can give major benefit to the health. It is the ph balance of the water that helps in neutralizing the body.

alkaline foodWhile other people are too busy in changing their lifestyle like from meat to fruits and yet the water that they are drinking is still acidic, it is still less effective. Alkalizing the body means that from the food intake up to the water for drinking and cooking must be changed totally. This is like switching everything from the usual to a better lifestyle.

By testing the ph of the water through the use of water alkaline system technology, the ph balance of water can be successfully achieved. There are lots of alkaline water systems online. Some of those are on sale which offers bigger discounts. So, shoo away diseases and go alkaline!

Foods for alkaline diet

Foods for alkaline diet are very important and must be included to regular meals every day. The proportion of alkaline to acid must always be higher and must be maintained as always in order to prevent diseases.

The alkaline breakfast is usually full of fruits and no meat. Moreover, cancer patients are encouraged to eat lots of fruits and fresh vegetables.

What are the foods for alkaline diet? Actually there are two classifications in every food items. That is either alkaline or acid. According to experts, a person should at least take 80% alkaline and only 20% acid.

People especially those who are suffering from cancer should eat alkaline diet for cancer patient. Those foods must be a (potential of hydrogen) ph balanced diet. A person will know if he or she is acidic through the use of a kit that contains litmus paper together with a chart. The test will only take for about five minutes and that could possibly and successfully do even at home.

alkanized food and water benefitsThe common western diet is high in terms of acid content coming from animal products such as eggs, meat, and other dairy products. These foods have lower alkaline content which can only be found in vegetables and fruits. So, in order to correct the diet and balance the ratio between the two, alkaline breakfast is highly suggested. These foods include apples, ripe bananas, lettuce, watermelon, dates, pumpkin, beans, citrus fruits, honey, grapes, peaches, peas, and broccoli. Though at first switching of lifestyle is hard but in the end it pays because it will really improve health.

Becoming Alkaline!

This is not so technical or hard though. Being alkaline means eating foods that are more healthful like green vegetables and fruit. These foods have alkaline content and less acidic which can really make the body healthy. Take note that there are foods that have acidifying effect which is really bad for health because it contains sugars, fats, sweeteners, preservatives, dairy, and chemicals. While on the other hand, alkaline are foods that have lower sugar level, salads, nuts, sea vegetables, and fresh vegetables.

This is the main reason why alkaline must be taken greater than the acidic content because too acidic can decrease the capability to absorb nutrients and other minerals which are very essential in order to maintain good health. Higher acid intake can lead to different kinds of diseases or even cancer. Though eating meat is not that very bad in anyone’s health as long as the ph balanced diet is maintained. People should consider or stick to the proper proportion of alkaline and acid.
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