What Do You Expect After an Ovarian Surgery?

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Once the surgery is over you are expected to be in a recovery room that is near to the operation theatre. The moment you regain consciousness you are expected to be taken off from the ward.

Drips and tubes

There are going to be a host of tubes in place that is expected to be removed once you recover

  • It is possible that a dip might be inserted on the vein that is in your arm. You get medicines, fluid and pain relief by this course of action
  • There is a strong chance that a small plastic tube could be inserted on to the bladder and this is going to collect urine into the bag
  • There is a chance that a tube could be inserted via the nose on to your stomach. This would prevent vomiting by draining of the stomach fluid
  • The possibility of tubes being inserted on to your abdomen to drain fluid could be possible from the site of the operation as well.


Once a surgery is over it is obvious that you will feel some amount of pain. For the first few days the chances of being provided anaesthesia to reduce pain is common. If the pain is at a considerable level you would need to adjust the medicine. If you are able to manage the pain for sure it would help you to move in an easy manner.


It is on the popular side that you are going to have blood thinner injections and this reduces blood clots. For sure this injection is going to be given for a considerable amount of time once you are going with the session of chemotherapy. The nurse is going to guide you on how to take the injection yourself when you are leaving the hospital.

Wound care

It is pretty much obvious that a degree of vaginal bleeding might occur once the surgery is over. This would take a couple of weeks to stop. Once you reach home before that the doctor is going to guide you on how to keep the wound clean after the surgery.

Period of stay in the hospital

It is on general lines that you would need to be in the hospital for a week or till it works out to be a major surgery of sorts. The time could vary if the operation is on the lesser side as then ovarian cancer treatment in India could be undertaken pretty soon.

How fast you recover does depend on how you happen to take care of yourself once the surgery is over. This would depend on the general health, the type of surgery and the active support you are expected to avail in your home. Most of the women are able to return back to their normal stuff within 8 weeks of the surgery.


Perhaps the best course of action among the lot. Do take things easy and work out a comfortable routine. Do not stretch too much.


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