What is Breath Meditation- How To Practice It?

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The core practice of breathing meditation originates from the Buddhist tradition. It involves the uplifting of our moods, feelings and efficiency through watchful practices of breathing and enhanced concentration. It brings one closer to their body and thus helps in getting in touch with their higher self by learning to control of their thoughts.

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It brings your imaginations to the present and you start enjoying the current state of affairs without worrying about the occurrences of past or future.

This kind of meditation is also known as Yoga breathing as Yoga and meditation aim to attain the same purpose- extinction of sufferings due to lack of concentration in the present moment.

In this article we bring along some Yoga tips to help our readers to attain better focus through meditation.

A few key points can help in enhancing their experience of meditation.

How to start?

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In order to start with the breath meditation, first of all you need to find a quiet place where you can spend a few minutes or hours with yourself quietly, without any external distractions. It can be any place- meditation studio, jogging park, any peaceful corner in your house etc.

The place should be neat, clean and free from unpleasant noise. Such ambiance is needed for the beginners as they can get distracted easily in the initial stage of learning to meditate. You can also check The Main 4 Ways of Yoga Practicing.

You do not need any other equipments or accessories to start meditation.

  • Define your posture:

As we are aware that Yoga is all about postures, Yoga breathing has to begin with the right kind of posture itself.

Sit upright with your legs folded. Make sure that your back is straight and head is aligned with your back. Do not stiff your shoulders- try to attain a posture of relaxation and comfort. If you face any difficulty to begin with, take help of some cushions to support your back in keeping it straight.

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Close your eyes and keep your palms on your knees (lap) facing them upwards.

Try to relax and let the calmness flow through your mind.

  • Concentrate on your breathing:

Now it is the time that we slowly transcend into the process of yoga breathing. Bring all your attention to the process of inhale and exhale. Gradually try to elongate your breathing process by slowing down your breath. Try to fill in maximum air while your inhale and leave out maximum air while you exhale.

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Be thankful to the creator for giving you this opportunity and good health to be able to meditate. it will help you in being focused at the pattern of breathing.

How to go ahead?

Since the journey has just begun, we must know that Yoga breathing is not as easy as it seems. It is a process which takes its own time to get on you. You need to start gradually and be persistent with your efforts. We suggest our readers to start with counting their breath from 1 to 10 and repeating it.

This process should be continued for 5 at least minutes daily. You can plan your meditation in such a way that you give 5 minutes in gap of 4-5 hours 2-3 times a day. This is because initially most of the people find it difficult to attain the focus and they complain of headaches. Headaches in the beginning are good sign, so no need to be worried about that.

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Gradually you will feel the pleasure that one attains in stillness and calmness of thoughts. The changes will be imminent in your behaviour and attitude towards every aspect of your life. You will feel that your output and efficiency start rising day by day with successful meditation practice.

Therefore, give yourself the gift of yoga breathing by putting in a few minutes of practicing meditation every day. It also help us to Beat Work Stress and Refresh Your Mood.


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