10 Tips to Charge Your Energy in 10 Minutes

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If you feel reluctant, exhausted, or stressed, go to the rescue of your energy. Sometimes bad habits, poor eating, or only lack of water or exercise can make you feel powerless. Recover energy with these 10 simple steps.

charge your energy in 10 minutes

1. Have a good breakfast

Having a good breakfast is the best way to start the day; it gives you the energy you need to face your daily routine, improve your mood, and prevent various diseases. According to dietitian Elaine Magee of the University of California, Berkeley, USA. Breakfast should include foods rich in fiber and whole grains, fruits, protein (eggs, for example) and skim milk.

2. Go up the stairs

You may feel that coffee gives you momentum, but when the effect of a cup of coffee was compared vs. climbing the stairs for 10 minutes, the latter was more efficient: the energy provided by this simple exercise is immediately noticeable, while coffee takes time to metabolize, According to scientists.

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3. Meditate

Mindfulness (meditation) teaches you to block distractions and replace stress and other negative emotions with a sense of well-being. It is obtained by focusing on your present thoughts and feelings, not in the past or the future.

Meditation is easy, and you can learn it.

Practicing mindfulness is easy. At the beginning of each day, spend 10 minutes doing some yoga while focusing your breathing as you move from one posture to another. Or spend 10 minutes during lunch, or at any time of the workday to meditate. Close your eyes, Inhale and exhale by focussing on each part of the body, starting with the toes and then to the tip of the head.

4. Exercise

Physical activity puts the whole organism into action, generating well-being hormones that will make you feel more alert, more attentive, and happier. Go to the near park and run for 20 minutes, after doing it for 20 minutes you can already feel that you are breathing better and your whole body is full of vitality. But in strength training, the benefits are noticed at 10 minutes.

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5. Sunbathing

In the morning, open the windows of your room and absorb some of the sun’s energy. Research suggests that only about 10 minutes of staying in the sun (if the weather is friendly) can improve mood, memory, and the ability to absorb new information.

6. Listen to music

Listening to your favorite music in the morning, on the way to work or at lunchtime, can not take you more than 10 minutes and gives you great well-being. Using techniques that take pictures of the brain, scientists discovered that music “illuminates” the areas of the brain involved in emotion, memory, and even body movement.

7. Drink water

Lack of water can cause dehydration, and even mild dehydration can take away energy and make you feel tired. To prevent dehydration and make sure the body has the fluid it needs, makes water your favorite beverage.

8. Opt for powerful foods

What we choose to feed plays an essential role in the way we feel. Some superfoods are the best gasoline for your body: fish, nuts, whole grains, whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, skim milk, and poultry.

9. Go for a walk in the forest

In a study, scientists found that observing a forest or green trees for 15 minutes and then walking, reduces cortisol levels, heart rate, and pressure, that is, stress indicators. Walking, or just spending time enjoying a natural environment, will give you well-being and vitality.

10. Dance

An English study showed that dancing and enjoying watching artistic expressions such as theater or cinema, increase people’s sense of happiness. This well-being also contributes to better energy and overall health.

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