5 Living Room Ideas with the Blue Color of the Year 2020

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The new year has come. A new decade has begun. 2020 is here. There are lots of new trends that will surely be rising. New interests and new favorites too. As Pantone, the American color company, announces the color of the new year, everybody has kept an eye to see what color is going to be in! And it’s none other than Classic Blue!  The past years’ colors were something out of the “basic” or the “classic”. Greenery was 2017’s, Ultra Violet was 2018’s and Living Coral was 2019’s. See, they were not like the usually heard, but this 2020, we are keeping it classic, literally Classic Blue. 

To be “in” with this year’s color, you can have your own stuff in Classic Blue. Truth is it’s not really hard to look for this color; you probably have some clothes with it. But not just your garments and little items can be blue-d! Your house can also be! 


Focusing on the living room where you, your family and your guests stay, you might want it in a fabulous fash of this year’s color. To give you some helpful ideas, below are 5 living room ideas that has Classic Blue as its main color. 


Blue Living Room designs
Source – Pinterest – Classic Blue Living Room

Circles have always been a significant symbol or representation of new year as it has been part of classic new year superstitions and traditions. Many countries believe that circle means prosperity for the new year.  In this living room inspiration, you can notice how circles are actually part of the design’s main message — from the lamp shade to the mirror and to the blue throw pillows.  Many other shades of blue have been used alongside Classic Blue, and the living room looks fresh. It has a flow and blend since a variety of blues are present. The solid wall in Classic Blue looks sophisticated with those white rectangular designs that actually match the floor carpet.  The use of two different pillows with the same color shows a balance in plains and prints. There is a single-colored type that emphasizes the depth of Classic Blue. Meanwhile, the printed type shows a blue color palette.  The small tables in the middle add elegance to the room, and it’s lovely how they are matched with the carpet’s shade of blue. Even the cloth on the small couch is blue but its royal.  This living room idea is mainly about blue, white, cream, gold and gray which are all perfect colors to combine together. There is no confusion and complexity in the design as some could be hurtful to see because of too much decor and/or colors. It’s pleasant and relaxing. 


home decoration ideas with blue color
Source – Completely Coastal – Classic Blue Living Room

Paintings on the walls of houses are eye-catching, most especially because not all families choose to have one or some of them at home. Well, these kinds of home decor are actually for those who are interested in putting in some beautiful art to adorn their houses. Framed paintings are perfect for vast walls. If you don’t have anything to put on your walls, and you find them dull and boring, you can hang painting pieces.  In this inspiration, there are five paintings, and they were arranged in a symmetrical way that even though there’s fairly a lot of them, they do not look chaotic. Some paintings when put on each other’s sides don’t look appropriate since they don’t match, but these in this idea they do. It’s because they are in one blue color and they flow the same concept. One of the pillows is also design with octopus’ tentacles. The decors gives you the feel of water, and you know how blue oceans and seas are just amazing to look at. The sofa and the cushion chairs are also in blue. There are also pillows in light blue. As you can see, the wall which is color ed powder blue somehow serves as a backdrop that highlights the more flashy colors of classic blue and the other blues.  The sky blue-colored vases on the center table go into a shade of blue far from the rest of the items in the living room.  


room decoration ideas 2020
Source – Kebreet – Classic Blue Living Room

You can go with a little bluer living room by choosing a long sofa that’s exactly color-matched with the walls. Unlike the first two ideas, this one doesn’t leave a space for any color to dominate another color when it comes to the walls. Instead, this unites the things that touch the wall to become one with it!  Some might find this inspiration too much since even the painting is almost the same color as the wall. However, what’s beneficial is that other colors can easily pop out. Look at how the brown and white printed pillows seem even more contrasted. It’s because of the blue sofa’s depth in color.  This is actually helpful for you to each find lost things on your couches.


living room ombre decoration ideas
Source – Pinterest – Classic Blue Living Room Ombre

There was a time when ombre styles of clothes were so trendy; even phone cases, bags, tumblers and so on and so forth. You can incorporate that artsy design to your blue living room too just like the one above!  The wall looks really cool although it might look a bit pale for some; well, it’s normal since unicolor ombre goes from dark to light or the other way around. It’s a unique style for houses. Your living room can become more of an art room with this pick!  Blue and dirty white are the main colors used plus if you will use a sharper eye, you will see how cubes are the main patterns: the cabinet on the side, the small cube chair, the carpet below the rectangle center table and the pillows that count more than two!  You can see how there are certain patterns that all the items in the room have. It maintains a peaceful uniformity which makes your living room a place of rest and comfort. Your eyes can be rested and relaxed by what you see. That makes the living room serve its purpose of convenience at home. 



living room decoration ideas - sofa beds and tables
Source – One Kings Lane – Classic Blue Living Room


If others delight in plain and simple, you can get out of the common, and put on some wallpapers on your living room’s wall! You might think they will make your room look complicated and chaotic, but that will not happen if you choose your wallpaper wisely! You may need to seek help from your interior designer, your custom home builder and other home creation experts, so you know the best materials and wall conditions for wallpaper usage.  Various patterns and prints combined together do not always result in perfect harmony. That’s why you have to be careful. In the inspiration above, a striped wallpaper in Classic Blue was used. Using stripes for your living room can be risky, but this wallpaper actually worked out well. Why? Because it’s the only thin-striped thing in the room. There’s a striped pillow but its stripe weight is very different from the wallpaper’s.

The colorful paintings on the wall with diverse frame styles and shapes bring balance to the living room. The wall could cause the people who will look at it to be cross-eyed, but because of the frames, that’s prevented from happening.  The long white couch looking so bright and clean contrasts the wall that has many lines! At the same time, the pillows in it are in different prints and colors; they blend with the frames’ colorfulness.  Even the curtain seems mismatched to the living room, but thanks to the frames and pillows, it is not.  The style used in this idea is to combine uniformity with diversity, plains with prints, and Classic Blue with colors outside of its palette.


The color of the year indeed sends a vibe of freshness and grace, especially if it is used in your living room’s look! Classic Blue is a color you usually see, but it can be played and experimented in many ways for you to find its perfect place and presence in your home.

Expect a lot of great and wonderful things to happen this 2020! You will accomplish many amazing things and achieve your goals! Classic Blue is the color of the year, but don’t be blue! Claim and declare that this is a year of breakthrough! 


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