How to Impress Someone on First Meeting?

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how to impress someone on first meetHow to impress someone on your first meet is a something we usually question when we are about to meet someone very important. You will get your answers after reading this article. Just make sure you are calm and not over excited, and should be genuine in your appearance.

How to impress someone on first meeting?

First meeting should always be impressive. As it is very well said First impression is the last impression. The first meeting can it be with anyone whether you are aware of him or not.

  • Someone whom you are in contact with via networking but have never met.
  • It may be that you want to someone with or without any purpose
  • you may have a meet with a person you really want to meet with a purpose
  • You may need help from someone
  • You may have a meet with some girl or a boy as a dating
  • You may have business proposal
  • You may be meeting a famous personality.
  • You may be meeting a professional business man for finance purpose
  • You may be going to meet some people for marriage purpose
  • You may be meeting your relatives for the first time.

The reason of meeting can be anything but if you are going to meet someone for the first time and you really want to impress them, you should follow the steps-

  • You should be tidy and dressed well, so that you look your best.
  • You should be punctual for the meet.
  • You should be greet them according to the age, relation and purpose of meet you share.
  • Keeping eye contact is important.
  • You should be confident enough with your words and gesture.
  • You should converse in a way that the other person does not get offended for anything.
  • You should pose in a way that the other person finds you modest.
  • You should not utter bad words.
  • You should be polite in talking with them and do not act over excited.
  • You should understand properly what the other person is talking about and them answer accordingly.
  • Try your best keeping everything at a normal pace.
  • You should not over react, or get over excited.
  • You should talk and give regards to other people as well who are around you.
  • Be simple in your concise and words.
  • Be funny sometimes but not too much.
  • Do not be in a serious mode all the time.
  • Try to make the other person feel comfortable to talk to you.
  • Give equal chance to the other person to put up his or her views.
  • Make a positive environment around him.
  • Do not show arrogance or bossy nature.

There are many more things that you should keep in mind before and during meeting with someone-

  • You should be clear with the purpose of meet. This means you should identify the stake of meet
  • Try to draft few things in your mind that you want to talk about.
  • You should be clear in your concise. If it is a formal meet you should be prepared about putting your points up. If you are on a business meet, you should be clear with the deal you want from the other person and you should be prepared with the stuffs and idea.
  • If you are to meet someone in informal way, or dating you should be genuine enough, and make up your mind in the way the other person wants to figure you out. If you are dating someone for the first time, you should act accordingly.

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Final Verdict-

How to impress someone on your first meeting should be answered after reading the above article. It has covered both formal and informal meet. You should create a positive atmosphere for the person, act supportive, and genuine. You would also like our post



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