Ayurvedic Shampoos: Classified According to Daily Use

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As there are many inorganic shampoos available in the market which are not only harmful but also
severely affect your hair in many ways. Here comes the need of Ayurvedic shampoos which are
organic as well as chemical free . So let’s discuss one by one what are the various Ayurvedic
shampoos which can help you out here in order to bring out the best in you and to make your
hair look attractive . Here is the list:

  1. Indus valley bio organic shampoo: This Shampoo is a light creamy texture conditioning
    shampoo with argan oil and has ingredients like Coca Butter, Coconut, Avocado, etc. It is
    cheaper than many harmful chemically equipped shampoos.indus valley shampoo organic
  2. Color productive conditioning shampoo: It is one of the finest products available in the
    market and it has a lot of demand as well. The reason is very simple as it is tear free and
    free from harmful chemicals. One more thing why I am emphasizing on this product is
    that it contains natural ingredients like henna, ashwagandha which prove out to be very
    effective for hair in ling terms. This is a natural shampoo which when used properly and
    regularly conditions your hair and removes the dust residues which remain clinged to
    our hair when we are exposed to wind, dust particles and many more impurities. After
    using his shampoo you will be touching you hair all day long due to their smoothness.
    Another important thing is that this shampoo is USDA and Eco cert Certified which is again
    a good thing to know.derma shampoo for hair
  3. Anti-Dandruff shampoo: Again this is a very effective product for removing dandruff.
    Basically it is suitable for people having Dandruff, Itching, and Dryness in hair scalp. Anti-
    dandruff shampoo gives a lot of relief only after one application. It not only controls
    dandruff but also helps in preventing scalp from hair loss and hair fall. This powerful
    product also tends to moisturize scalp with aloe-Vera and soya protein. 
  4. Daily Gentle shampoo: This product is most convenient if it is used regularly and
    properly as it stabilizes the hair structure with the pH 5.5. Indus Valley Daily Use
    Shampoo does not contain any detergent agents SLES/SLS which makes hair dry and
    have harmful side effects, it also does not contain any Preservatives, Indus Valley
    shampoo is recommended by Dermatologist. This shampoo contains Extra safe
    Ingredients that moisturize hair scalp, nourishes hair up to its third layer, prevents from
    hair problems like dryness, gives UV protection, makes hair softy and silky. It has built in Conditioner and Moisturizer for extra dry skin. This shampoo removes all traces of Dirt,
    and oil.

    girl using color protective shampoo
    pic credit: reader diggest
  5. Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner: It is a shampoo cum conditioner in itself. This
    shampoo is tear, soap and Alkali Free and it is mainly for Daily Purpose Use, thus enhances
    the color stability .One of the interesting fact about this product is that it contains 100%
    Vegetarian Ingredients. This product is suitable for all types of hair and maintains the pH
    balance of the scalp, as it is made up with Aloe-Vera and Glycerin which nourishes hair
    scalp from its third layer and removes dryness, and tends to protect from hair problems
    like dandruff and hair loss. Indus Valley Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner does not
    contain harsh detergents like SLES/SLS which makes hair dry and have harmful side
    effects. This shampoo also does not contain any Parabens (Preservatives). Indus Valley
    shampoo is recommended by dermatologists, and is an extra safe Shampoo to lock hair
    color. The shampoo moisturizes hair scalp, nourishes hair, helps to prevent from hair
    problems like dryness, gives UV protection, and makes hair soft and silky. That means it
    has almost same functions as the product mentioned above.

    color protective hair shampoo
    pic credit: lorealparisusa

So these were of some of the best Ayurvedic shampoos which are being available in the
market. One thing is common in all of them is that they are chemical free and does not
contain impurities which you will find in various inorganic shampoos. One should use these
shampoos on daily basis and these are highly recommendable if one is suffering from
various hair related problems like dandruff, itching, baldness, hair loss, etc. Another
necessary aspect to know about these shampoos and conditioners is that is they are soap
free and suitable for all types of scalp conditions. They all are certified by Eco cert. So in
order to get healthier, shinier and attractive hair and to make ones presence noticed among
crowd one should hesitate in investing money in such products. Good luck and stay healthy
as well as prosperous.

hair shampoo for girls

Today is an era of competition where everybody wants to look better than his/her previous
look. So for this purpose he/she runs after various products in the market which are generally
expensive and prone to dangerous chemicals. One such product is shampoo for daily use.


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