Why do we need to visit a Gynaecologist?

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Our reproductive health holds a significant concern, and we must have a regular check-up with the gynaecologist for the same. But it comes with its way. Deep within the walls of medical practitioners, there should be an open. However, it is broadly characterized by a taboo.

However, when you have one of the Best Gynaecologists in Mumbai on board, things would be on different parlance. They are reliable and trustworthy. We must understand that it is about our health, and other kinds of personal bias have to keep on side.  

The doctors hold a very adaptive approach, and the concerned person who visits can easily discuss sexual health irrespective of marital status.

Why do we need to visit a Gynaecologist?

Every woman must visit a gynaecologist at the time when she hits puberty. This is a crucial time, and then it is embarked as the time when the reproductive organs start to mature. Generally, girls hit the menstrual cycle between the ages of 13-15; this is a pretty reasonable time to visit the gynaecologist. In the initial stage, it is advised that the girls must keep a regular track record of their periods and discuss the same with the doctor. Also, after your first sexual intercourse, a visit with a gynaecologist is a must. Women of all ages can easily omen discuss with a gynaecologist. The older woman must keep a check of their menopause. Other updates related to hormone replacement therapy can also be provided.

Detailed Medical Examination

There will be few tests that can perform to know about the actual health position of the woman. It can be followed up by the pelvic and breast test. In an unforeseen situation, there might be a formation of cancerous cells in the body. By proceeding the pelvic exam, there will be an inspection of the cervix.

On the other hand; Pap smear would allow the examination of microscopic cells. In such a manner, we can conduct various tests through blood and tissue culture. Through this way, we can assess many disorders related to the reproductive system.

Sometimes there is a pool of doctors who work together. With the advancement in terms of technology such as Digital imaging software can provide us with a crystal clear report. This is followed by an X-ray technique called the mammogram that highlights the breast tissue and carefully examines it. Woman over the age of 40 is required to appear for more tests. There are other tests which involve breast ultrasound and breast biopsies.

When a woman is pregnant, then the doctor will proceed by following a certain degree of tests like ultrasound and amniocentesis to detect the fetus. There is another test called chorionic villus sampling. There will be a formation of tiny vascular fibrils that help to form a placenta. Even this will help to check the evaluation of the fetus.

The biggest fear is set in the mind of everybody termed as the STD (sexually transmitted disease). It may be in the form of unusual vaginal discharge or lesion that has to be evaluated. The STD commonly can be termed a the   Bacterial vaginosisChlamydiaGonorrheaHerpes simplex or genital herpes Human papillomavirus (HPV) Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Syphilis

Woman health is characterized by many problems like endometriosis, fibroid tumours and cancer. A gynaecologist will list all the medicines. In some cases, it may be even followed up by surgery. Contraception can also play a significant role.

When the time comes and women experience menopause, the woman may be subjected to various kinds of physical and emotional symptoms. This is the time to go and have a check-up with the gynaecologist.

At last, I would like to conclude by saying that doesn’t be hesitant. Have a free and open conversation with the gynaecologist. I assure you-you won’t get any disappointments. Instead, fasten your pace and get done a health check-up today itself. Contact and visit the best Gynaecologist in Mumbai.



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