Yoga Asanas for Strengthening Immune System

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It is very important to have strong immunity in our body. And If  we need to protect our selves from any disease, then our immunity should be strong. But for this, Yoga can be helpful along with balanced and nutritious food. By doing yoga, blood circulation also balanced and help us to avoid heart diseases also. Some of the Yoga Asans that strengthen our immune system are below:

Yoga to Strengthen Immunity:

1. Matsyasan

Matsya+Asana means Matsya is a Sanskrit word which means  The Fish  and asana means position, so doer in Matya-asan looks like a fish. Matsyasana is the best way to improve our immune system. Lie on your back. Place the hands on the sides of the body, the palms should be set on the ground. We should practice Matsyasana everyday, it will strengthen our spine and improve digestion.  By daily practicing of this asana, it improves our mood and immune system as well as strengthen our muscles.

matsyasana_ 1st partNow slowly raise the chest, keep the back part of the head on the ground. Taking the support of the neck, the upper part of the head should become a curve from the arms to the upper back. In this situation, the palms and both elbows should be fixed on the ground. Paused for four to five breaths, then slowly rest the head directly on the floor. The other way of doing this asana is also the posture of Padmasana. In which, after lying down, the feet are tied in Padmasana. With the help of hands raise the back according to the picture and balance the body with the strength of legs and head. Now hold the left toes with the right hand and the right toes with the left hand. During this time, the elbows and knees should be adjacent to the ground.

purn matyasana or matsyasana part 2

While in this state, breathe slowly and continue to exhale. This situation lasted about 30 to 45 seconds.  By this, energy levels in the body will also increase and lungs will also become stronger.

Matsya Asana’s Precautions:

  1. In peptic ulcer, this asana should be avoided.
  2. Those with  have hernia problem should not do this asana.
  3. People suffering from any serious disease of the spine should not do this asana.
  4. If there is more pain in the knee, avoid doing this asana.
  5. This posture should not be done in pregnancy, as it can affect the womb, which can have negative effects.

Benefits of Matsya-Asan

  • Matsyasana makes the whole body strong. All diseases of the throat, chest and stomach are removed. The light of the eyes increases.
  • The throat remains clean. Respiratory function runs properly. The veins of the shoulders are turned upside down and this leads to the development of the chest and lungs.
  • If you have constipation or acidity, then do this yoga in the morning. By doing this, your stomach is massaged, which eliminates problems like constipation. It also improves digestive system.
  • By doing this asana regularly, the chest becomes wide, which eliminates lung and respiratory diseases. So, it is helpful for the patient of covid-19. Apart from this, this yoga is very beneficial for asthma patients.
  • By doing this Yogasana, the pancreas is massaged, which helps in the secretion of insulin. This keeps sugar level under control in the body of diabetes patients.
  • The problem of insomnia is overcome by doing this asana. Apart from this, it gives good and deep sleep at night.
  • This Yogasana fixes the flow of blood in the waist and back, thereby eliminating the problem of your knees and back pain. But for this you should do this yoga in the morning.
  • By doing matsyasana, women get relief from pain during menstruation. Apart from this, this asana also gives relief in fatigue and back pain.
  • By practicing this yoga yoga every day, sexual strength increases in men and the problem of impotence is overcome.

2. Sukhasana: 

Sukhasana is also beneficial for the immune system. Sukhasana is a Sanskrit word consisting of two words Sukh and Asan. “Sukha” means Joy and Asan means Posture/position. Regular practice of this asana brings happiness and peace both physically and mentally. Apart from this, doing this asana improves blood circulation in the body, which helps to protect the body from any kind of infection.The method of Sukhasana is like this:

best pic for sukhasanaSit on the floor by laying a yoga mat. Feet bend from knees and sit comfortably. Keep the spinal cord, head and neck straight without straining. Keep both hands on the knees in meditation. Close the eyes and keep the body loose. Take a deep breath and let go. Do this asana for 10 to 15 minutes or according to the capacity.

Benefits of this asana:

  • This easy gets rid of stress.
  • It balances the heart rate.
  • It is also beneficial in nervous system disorders.

Note: In reality there is no precaution for this asana. But for maximum benefit, this posture should always be done on an empty stomach and in a peaceful environment.


3. Ardhamatsyendrasana:

Ardhamatsyendrasana was composed by Guru Swami Matsyendranath of Gorakhnath. He used to meditate in this posture. This posture was named Ardhamatsyandrasana due to him. Matsyendrasana is a very difficult posture, so by changing it in a simple and easy form, it has been given the name of Ardhamatsyandrasana. Ardhamatsyandrasana yoga has many important benefits, but among them there are special advantages to strengthen immunity and prevent diabetes. Therefore, it has been called the panacea for the prevention of diabetes.

Ardhamatsyendrasana postureProcess:

  • Sit on the floor.
  • Now bring the left foot heel from the right side and keep it near the hip. So that it attaches to the butt. As shown in the picture.
  • Put the right foot near the knee of the left foot and place the right foot claw on the ground.
  • Then bring the left arm near the chest and place the armpit on your thigh below the knee of the right leg.
  •  Wrap the waist with the right hand from the back side and try to touch the navel.
  • Keep the eyes in front and attach the cheek to the shoulder.
  • Repeat this action by changing legs.

Benefits of this Asana:

  • Diseases of all the bones, veins, muscles and glands of the body can be cured and the body gets relief.
  • Diabetes can also be controlled by this asana and diseases of diabetes can be cured
  • Ardhamatsyandrasana cleanses the respiratory tract and gets rid of respiratory diseases.
  • By this asana, the back, stomach drains, feet, throat, arms, lower back of the waist and navel and muscles of the chest are benefited by stretching.

4. Saral Santulanasana/ Ardha Santulanasana
Saral Santulanasana also help to Increase immunity and strengthen the respiratory system. If you are also troubled by thinness or weakness, then practice Ardha Santulanasana daily. There are following steps in Ardha Santulanasana:

  • lie down on a flat place and place your palms next to the shoulder.
  • After this, raise your entire body while emphasizing hands.
  • Now keep yourself on the floor with the toes and keep the knees straight. While doing this asana, keep in mind that your knee and spine are straight and your wrist is just below the shoulders.
  • Stay in this posture for 30 to 45 seconds and become normal.

Ardha SantulanasanaBenefits:

  1. It strengthen The spinal cord.
  2. It makes shoulders more strong.
  3. it removes weakness.


5. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is composed by two words= Dhanura + Asana, in which Dhanu means Sagittarius and Asana means posture. When a person performs this asana, his body becomes like a bow. Therefore it is called Dhanurasana Yogasana. In English it is called Bow Pose. Dhanurasana is a very beneficial yoga for strengthening the immunity to prevent the disease. This asana is very beneficial for the waist and spinal cord. Dhanurasana provides exercise to all the body nerves from neck to back and lower back.

How to Do Dhanurasana:

  • To do this asana, first lie down on the stomach.
  • Now while exhaling, bring the knees close to the waist and hold both ankles with your hand.
  • While breathing, raise your head, chest and thigh upwards.
  • As much as possible, lift the body upwards. As shown in the below.
  • During this time you try to take the weight of your body on the lower abdomen.
  • When you lift your body completely, try to reduce the gap between the legs.
  • While doing this asana, the flow of your breath should be relaxed.
  • That is to say, breathe slowly and exhale slowly.
  • After remaining in this position for about 15-20 seconds, return to the previous position while exhaling.
  • You can do this asana three to five times according to your convenience and ability.Dhanuraasan pic

Benefits of Dhanurasana:

  • The most stretch from Dhanurasana falls on the stomach, spine and its surrounding area. Which makes digestive system better as well as the spine strong.
  • It helps in  indigestion problem and stomach disorders.
  • Regularizing this asana also helps in reducing weight and reducing fat.
  • This is very beneficial for women because it specially helps in menstruation and thyroid disease. It strengthens the menstrual and reproductive system of women and makes them healthy.
  •  The muscles of the arms and thighs become strong.
  •  The spinal cord becomes strong.


*Special Precautions for all Asanas here:

Women should not do these during pregnancy and menstrual cycle, if you are pregnant you can do safe exercises in pregnancy or  pregnancy special yogas . We must do these asanas always empty stomach.


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