10 Common Conditions that Impact the Cornea

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The world is beautiful and if you are blessed to see it, you are one of the luckiest people on the planet. Eyes are considered as the most valued senses that make you see, dream and live with it. But everything requires a little bit of care so does your eyes.

But do you understand your eye? Small pupil through which you can see the entire world consists of a lot of things. Let’s try to understand your eye a little better.

Five parts of your eyes

  • The sclera

The sclera is the white part of the eye which occupies the major area.

  • The Cornea

The cornea is the front surface of the eye which is transparent and covers the iris & pupil. It allows light to enter the eye through which you are able to see.

  • Anterior & Posterior Chambers

The anterior chamber lies between the cornea and the iris whereas the posterior lies between the iris and the lens.

  • Pupil and Iris

The colored part of the eye behind the Cornea is Iris. The black hole at the center of the iris is called a pupil.

  • Retina

A layer of tissue at the back of the eyeball that is sensitive to light and where a visual image is formed.

Why cornea plays a vital role?

For a healthy eye, a healthy cornea is a must. The cornea refracts the right amount of light in the right direction. Damage caused to Cornea results in blurry vision. It helps eyes to eyes to scrutinize the world.

 Let’s have a look at the 10 common conditions that impact the cornea

Protecting cornea for a clear vision is necessary. You must take care of your eyes. In the case of any major injury, the healing process takes a bit longer than usual. If the situation gets worse a doctor’s consultation is recommended.


Everyone has faced one or the other allergy at some time in their lives. Allergies are generally caused by dust, smoke, perfumes or high flames. Irritation, redness in the eye, teary eyes, watery discharge, puffiness are some of the major symptoms of eye allergies that need to be treated on time to prevent the eye from the further severe condition. To relieve you from the discomfort of allergies prescribed eye drop by a doctor can be of much help.

Dry Eye

Many people around the world experience a common eye condition known as dry eye. The dry eye is persistent and extremely painful. One who has experienced it is very well aware of the pain caused by Dry eye. Water in the eyes washes the dirt away while helping eyes to remain healthy. When you are not left with tears in the eyes it increases the risk of bacteria entering the eye and it becomes even more painful. Use of contact lenses, skin disease around the eyelids, exposure to chemicals or tobacco smoke, age factor, are some of the major causes of dry eye.


Eye infections can leave the person in pain and you will feel miserable when you experience it. The pink eye scientifically termed as is the most common eye infection which is easily communicable to the person you are with. Swelling, redness in eyes, pain, itching, and discharge are some of the common symptoms of pink eye. Eye infection can hamper one or both eyes.

Corneal ulcer

You are well aware of a common eye infection known as conjunctivitis. A corneal ulcer is another kind of eye infection that some people come across. It is a serious infection of the cornea that can even lead to vision loss. The infection should be treated immediately when symptoms are found in order to avoid damage.

Exposure to bright light

Sudden flashes of bright light can be harmful to your eyes. When you expose your eyes to very bright light it can impact the cornea, making your vision blurry for fraction of seconds which later results in weak eyesight.


Injury is painful when it occurs on any part, but when it’s the matter of eyes, the case becomes even more sensitive. Minor injuries are healed by cornea itself but deeper injuries in eyes impair vision and cause corneal scarring.  In case of any injury, help from an eye care professional is recommended at the earliest. Be sensitive towards the most sensitive and valued sense.

Age Factor

The age factor plays an important role in the case of eyes. After the age of 65, some people may experience a blurry vision or a week sight. As you are aging so does your eyes. But it’s not the matter to worry, just consult your doctor for a solution.

Deficiency of nutrient

Vitamin A is considered to be important for your eyes. Deficiency of Vitamin A leads to many severe problems like dry eyes, blindness or dying corneas. A pregnant woman with a deficiency of Vitamin A can face the problem of night blindness. Intake of a sufficient amount of Vitamin A is necessary since childhood to prevent any further problems and to remain healthy.


Keratitis is caused by minor injury or if you keep on wearing contact lenses for a longer period of time.  Bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites are some of the major causes for Keratitis. Repeated use of old contact lenses leads to Keratitis. Timely cleaning and change of contact lenses are recommended in order to avoid any such hassle.


There are many diseases that affect the eye, but the most common one out is Herpes Zoster (Shingles). It is caused by the chickenpox virus which can damage the cornea or decrease the sensitivity in the cornea. It is important to pay some attention and consult an eye specialist if you experience Herpes Zoster to avoid further damage. It’s important to protect your eyes as the symptoms of corneal problems occur after months when Herpes Zoster has gone from your body months ago.

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Cornea gets affected quite easily, as it’s the most exposed part of the eye. It heals small injuries itself but major injuries need proper eye care by eye professionals. To keep your eyes healthy and sight clear, a regular eye test and expert advice by professionals are recommended to prevent it from any further damage. Taking good care of your eyes is necessary for your total wellbeing.


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