How can a hair transplant transform your appearance ?

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Balding is one of the biggest fears that men have especially past the age of 30.  There is in fact even a phobia related to it – Peladophobia, the fear of becoming bald or bald people. Let’s first try and understand why do men fear losing hair. There are a couple of reasons: they think it will make them unattractive to the opposite sex, they will lose their sex appeal and charm, and they will be perceived as old and boring. Some of these fears are proven to be true by research even. Studies show that the opposite sex considers bald men as less attractive. Now that’s something to worry about. While some people might consider such concern over physical appearances vain and frivolous but it can really mess with a person’s mental peace and general happiness. Baldness is even known to cause depression and body dysphoria in some people. Unfortunately hair fall can hit even men as young as in their early twenties.

For the longest time, men lived with anxiety and unpreparedness about their looks because of baldness or hair fall. There was no decent solution for baldness. Sure, you could wear a hairpiece or get a transplant but they didn’t ensure natural-looking results. But time has changed, and so has the science and technology behind transplants. Hair transplants today are easily available procedures that are safe and deliver natural-looking results.

The best thing about the hair transplant techniques used today, namely FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplantation), is that they use a person’s own hair, which means that it is natural. The problem with hairpieces, like not matching your complexion or hair colour, aren’t issues with a transplant because it uses your own hair. Both FUE and FUT methods involve extracting hair follicles from the donor area of a person’s head, the back and the sides, and implanting them onto the bald or thinning areas of the scalp. The procedure is simple, almost painless, and has a short healing period.

After the transplant, the hair first sheds, it is then replaced by new hair, which will subsequently follow a normal growth cycle. About 8-10 months post a transplant, it’s almost like you never lost any hair or were bald. Sure, the quantity and quality of hair after a transplant depends on the availability of donor hair and how well the hairline is designed, but your appearance is completely transformed.

When a person loses hair, they start looking older. It is known to effect how people perceive them. Hair loss can have a grave affect on how a person is seen in both personal as well as professional lives. They are thought to be less active and older people are often passed over for projects or promotions at work in favour of younger, or youthful looking people, who are considered more active and capable. Older looking people are also perceived as less virile by the opposite sex. These are all things that can change with a person getting their hair back, and feeling younger and more confident about how they look. Patients, who have undergone the surgery, often find that they feel more self-assured and less anxious about their looks.

Needless to say, it is your best shot at a new, transformed life, where the ghosts of hair fall won’t follow you. The important thing to remember, though, is to find a good surgeon. A good surgeon will make sure that your new hairline suits the shape of your head, your face, is age-appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. They also are able to follow important details like placing the implants in the direction of hair growth and spreading them expertly over the bald areas.

In short, a new transformed look is merely a good surgeon away.


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