A detailed guideline about asthma for regular patients

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Asthma is a type of respiratory disease that mainly affects the respiratory system of human beings. It can happen to any people who are allergic to various substances such as pollen, dust, animal dander. It can be genetic that means passed down by the parents to the children and thus the children will be highly prone to asthma attack since childhood. But it can also be developed in any stage of life and adults or middle-aged people may be prone to asthma attacks.

But people who are allergic or catch the viral infections easily are prone to developing asthma. People suffering from respiratory problems can also develop asthmatic conditions.

What are the various types of asthma?

A person can suffer from asthma and such a condition can be developed due to various reasons. Asthma is a respiratory disease and mainly affects the bronchioles in the lungs. It can be treated with Asthalin Inhaler, but that will not cure you but will only help you in avoiding the worse effects of the same.

According to world health experts on asthma, it is mainly caused due to people being allergic to some types of substances present in the air. When these particles present in the air enter the person’s airways it can cause the person to suffer from an asthma attack.

Asthma attack due to exposure to the allergen

Here the asthma attack is mainly caused due to the presence of the allergen in the air and the exposure to it. There could be various types of allergen such as-

  • Pet dander
  • Mold
  • Pollens
  • Dust
  • Pollution
  • Fly ash
  • Wood or asbestos dust
  • The smoke of burning wood or any fuel
  • Fumes of any burning chemicals like latex
  • Room fresheners
  • Perfumes
  • Cigarette smoke

These are also called the irritants or allergens. Any person can be allergic to one or more than one allergen. Different people are prone to different asthma attacks due to different allergens.

Asthma attack due to weather

In fact, according to scientists, the weather can also be an allergen. Some people are highly susceptible to an asthma attack or showing its symptoms due to cold air. There is always a high chance of catching a cold and cough or viral infections in the cold weather. Sometimes it has also been found that very humid weather can also cause asthma symptoms or even an asthma attack.

Asthma attack due to occupation

Sometimes persons who are engaged in certain occupations may develop a tendency of showing asthma symptoms or be asthmatic gradually. People involved in certain industries like cement, asbestos, woodcutting, marbles, chemical factories, etc. have to be more careful.

Some people have a high chance of suffering from an asthma attack, particularly during the night. For these people, the normal night’s sleep may get hampered due to which the persons may develop other conditions or diseases and of course, they must keep the Asthalin Inhaler Cipla at their bedside, to avoid the annoying circumstances.

What are the most common symptoms of an asthma attack?

Health scientists have to say that before an asthma attack the person may show certain symptoms that may become more acute during the attack. Most of the symptoms are very common and thus it can be easily identified if the person is suffering from the symptoms. The most common symptoms of asthma are-

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Headache
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Redness of the cheek and the face

Avoiding the conditions that can trigger asthma attacks

It is very well known that a person suffering from asthma attack should not be exposed to the allergen he/ she are susceptible to. But apart from this, there are a few other precautions that the person can take to avoid an unnecessary asthma attack.

These precautionary measures are basic and can immensely help a person along with the Asthalin Inhaler, which must be kept as safe with you. Avoiding getting out in certain types of weather particularly the cold weather is one such precautionary measure. People tend to catch a cold and cough or flu or some other viral infections should try and stay at home. Working professionals are recommended to use face masks or wrap a piece of clean cotton cloth around the nose area and the mouth to avoid the cold air as much as possible. Wear proper clothes during the winter and avoid any contact with the common allergens you know.

Avoiding exercises that require you to become physically exhausted and breathe faster is also one such precaution you can take. You can involve in the lighter physical activities but avoid ones that make you run or breathe heavily.

What you can do to prevent asthma from home?

Some remedies are very basic and may help you to stay safe and avoid an asthma attack. One is to follow and do regular breathing exercises. This will help you to get control over your breathing naturally. In case of an asthma attack, you can have coffee because caffeine has been known to help persons suffering from an asthma attack. You can also use the inhalers like Asthalin inhaler and medication like Ketosteril to prevent an asthma attack . Worth to Read: 3 home remedies for asthma patient.

 Avoiding some critical conditions that can trigger asthma

Along with the above guidelines, few other things are also to be kept in mind while dealing with your asthma. Here are the specific things that you must avoid if you have asthma –

  • Avoid changing your altitudes, either for traveling purposes or for some trips. You can include in the list of don’ts as Scooby diving, mountaineering, rock climbing, and even paragliding in this regard. Along with that keep in mind not to go to the mines, as in all these cases, even the Asthalin Inhaler will not work for you, and you can ascertain a life cessation, while you practice all these even if you are having asthma.
  • Avoid pets, so that their hair cannot trigger allergy on you and your allergy cannot trigger your asthma on the other hand. Hairs of pets are regarded to be one of the top agents of allergies, especially for those who have asthma.
  • Take care of the dust that is in your home. Your bed sheets, your carpets, curtains, and all the things, naturally surround themselves with dust that is carried to your home from the streets. If you have enough space, plant more trees or some plants at our apartment balcony, so that the allergens can be kept out of your home.

All the guides are meant to give you the best outcome during asthma. The essential understanding that you should have with your asthma and the essential guide to stay well along with carrying your inhaler has been mentioned here for your guide. Simply follow them and also learn the way out to get rid of the triggers, while you are at home. To avoid the smokes of the vehicles, cigarettes and other things use masks all the year-round and keeps your lungs fresh and loud. This is the biggest mantra to stay well during your asthma and of course, the inhalers must be at the safe hands to avoid the triggers and the bitter experience of the same. The guideline that has been provided here is applicable for patients of all ages, including old, kids and housewives and the best thing is that you can go for some herbal sessions or yoga breathing sessions to cure the thing for a lifetime too.


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