Awesome Photo Ideas to Spice-Up Your Newborn Initial Days

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The very first days of your newborn baby are some of the most wonderful and magical days. Your heart is filled with joy and love for a new life that has entered your hearts and homes. Everything about them amazes you as a parent. Be it their little hands and feet; be it their absolutely innocent face and the way they yawn or smile while sleeping – they are just amazing! And, to make those very first days even more special, you can do something else as well.

Baby PhotosDon’t worry, you don’t have to do much; just click some really wonderful pictures! You will remember these pictures for your whole life.

This is why we have compiled a list of the best photography ideas for all new parents. Make the first photography session of your newborn even better. In order to purchase some cute little outfits, blankets, and accessories, etc. you can look for firstcry store. Here you can get multiple options with different designs which can add more beauty for clicking some lovely photos. To save on your FirstCry online shopping you can use FirstCry Coupon Code and can get huge discounts.

1 – Feet Close-ups:

These are one of the most wonderful pictures of every baby album. You can hold your baby’s feet within your palms or make a heart shape with your fingers. Go for spreading the focus out words such that your baby’s teeth remain in the focus. The wrinkled feet of your little one will be one of those sights that you can only remember or reminisce. So, click them when they are still cute and short!

2 – Cute storyboards:

You can also go for a different type of photo. Lay your baby on a black or dark colored cloth and put a cute little storyboard near it. You can write anything on the storyboard as per your wishes. You can also wrap your baby as a bundle to resemble a cocoon. Put some fir or woolen fibers to make the effects even more eye-catching. The graceful combination of light and dark colors will certainly be beautiful.

3 – Innocent Crouches:

You can also go for the typical innocent crouching position. Lay your baby in a crouching position on a soft rug in just diapers. However, be mindful of the weather and keep babies dressed if the weather asks for it. Now click a close up of your baby keeping his or her size in mind. You can also wait for the time when he or she opens his eyes and give you one of those innocent to the heavens look!

4 – Click all of them together: If you have an elder child; click them both in some funny poses. You have to wait for the baby to be in deep sleep for these pictures. Make the baby’s poses by yourself and ask the elder one to cooperate and imitate those poses as best as he or she can. You can click wonderful pictures of both the children and get them framed as well. You can also opt for funny dressing with gear and props. Ballerina Shoes; roses; large goggles; fun spectacles and artificial beard or mustaches are some of the funny ideas.

5 – Dress them as superheroes:

Remember the time when the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg uploaded the picture of his daughter in Star Wars costume? That was the time when we knew for sure that he liked the franchise. Well, you can also take the initiative and dress your babies like fantasy heroes. You can also opt for some gear and other such fun stuff to make the photos even more eye-catching.

6 – Veggie Makeover:

You can wrap your baby in a green shawl and place him or her in a crouching position. Now collect various other veggies such as broccoli, cabbages, bell peppers, cauliflowers, radish, turnips, and carrots. Arrange them beautifully around your baby and click wonderful shots of your creatively decorated little-veggie baby. You can also opt for some headgear for the baby girls.

You can dress the baby as cute as you can imagine him/her to be. Try out the apparels similar to some vegetables as well. Click a funny shot with one of you holding knife and fork over the veggies and caption the photo as ‘Let us eat the cutest veggie here’. Grab these cute outfits or choose from a wide selection of other collectibles from online stores like FirstCry using exciting FirstCry offers today clubbing them with your debit cards. Hurry up and grab these cute little outfits to make this photo session as lovely as it can be!


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