5+1 Best Biceps Workout At Home to Explode your Biceps

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Fed up with your busy routine which is stopping you from completing your dreams of a fit body?

Don’t worry if you are among those peoples who want to live a healthy and fit life but somehow their lifestyle or other priorities are preventing them to do so. There are many peoples like you who suffer from the same problem, you probably don’t have time to go to the gym for your body fitness in this article you will be knowing about the best biceps workout at home recommended to every individual who doesn’t have time to spend in the gym can do these at home to build those bigger biceps.


Benefits of Biceps Workout at Home

People go to the gym to train their biceps and have those big and peaky biceps as bodybuilders and athletes. Yes, they can achieve those by training harder, and by using their will power as fuel to train their body even harder. But what if you can’t have time to go to the gym. Yes, there is always another way to reach your goal and build the muscles, these exercises are discussed below but first, let’s know their benefits.

  • Both the upper and lower arm muscle part is activated doing the exercises discussed below.
  • You can do these exercises at any time by being at your home.
  • By doing all these you will get much familiar with your muscle part of the body.
  • You will have to know the various ways by which you can easily train your bicep muscles which are unknown to you till now.
  • A strong and big biceps muscle part is achieved by practicing these moves on alternating days and by applying all the variations.
  • All the exercises included are free weight exercises you don’t have to worry about including weights.
  • You will be doing both strength training and cardio exercises at the same time. (Click to know the 3 best cardio exercises every beginner should know).


Inverted Row

Shocked by the name, yes it is a back exercise inverted row is primarily performed to build back muscles but if the upper hand-grip is made instead of the ordinary grip it will force our biceps to work even harder.

To do

  • Grab a bar on the playground or you can hold likewise things at your home like a table.
  • Place your hands at the edge of the table, hands should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Make sure your body is in a linear way from your ankles to your head.
  • keeping all things set to pull your shoulder blades back and move upward by pressuring your bicep muscles.
  • After reaching the top wait a second or two then slowly return back to the starting position.
  • Do 3 sets of 15-20 reps.


Resistance Band Biceps Curls

It’s much more interesting pressuring your arms with the different curl variation will be the newest experience to your muscle, which ultimately promotes muscle growth. You must have a resistance band to do this move if you don’t have to find another alternative or you can easily buy it.

To do

  • The first step on to the center of one band with one leg following the other band with another leg.
  • Hold the handles of both the bands with your hands and stand straight up.
  • With your chest out and back straight making your core tight and engaged.
  • Your hands should be shoulder-width apart at your side palms facing towards you.
  • Start the move by stretching the band with both arms to move your elbow up towards your shoulder.
  • Make sure to keep most of the tension to your bicep muscles.
  • After reaching the top slowly goes down and repeat with both hands.
  • Sets 3-4 with 10-15 reps.


Banded Hammer Curl

This is also the exercise in which you need a resistance band. The difference is the position of your hands. In banded hammer curls your palms should be facing each other not towards you, so as to perfect the move.

To do

  • Stand with your chest up, back straight, feet at shoulder-width apart.
  • Your hands should be on your sides.
  • Now step on to the resistance band with both of your legs and grab the holder of the band with each hand.
  • Move your arm up by forcing your bicep muscles to the chest level, then slowly back down.
  • Do with your both hands. Sets 3-4 with 10-15 reps.


Neutral Grip Pull-Up

Unlike regular pull-ups that work on the upper back portion of the body. The neutral grip pull-ups can activate your biceps muscle more. It is not something new but a different pull-up variation. You may have a hanging bar at the nearby ground or maybe at your home, you can easily perform this move.

To do

  • Hold the bar straight and with both hands parallel to each other.
  • Keep your chest up likewise to touch the bar as you move up.
  • The back should be straight and your legs can be crossed or not depends on your choice.
  • Start the move following the instructions mentioned above.
  • Don’t move your body up and down loosely take full control of your body as you’re going up and down.
  • Don’t move your elbow, keep it rigid, and at the top position your chin should be above the bar.
  • while doing all things correctly keep in mind to take a pause in the middle as you go down and also when you move upwards.


Reverse Grip Pull-Up

Being a variation of the standard pull-up (in which your arms are facing away from your body), In reverse grip pull-up, your arms should be facing towards you. Reverse grip pull-up is known to work intensively on the bicep muscles, leads to the further growth and development of biceps branchii.

To do

  • To start the exercise, hang on the bar with the underhand grip, your arms should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Palms should be facing towards you making the reverse grip with the bar.
  • Inhale the oxygen and pull your chest outwards for reaching to the top position where your chin is over the bar.
  • Exhale the carbon-dioxide as you end the movement.
  • Legs should be crossed or relaxed depends on your comfort.
  • Slowly move down and repeat aggressively to the top.
  • Sets 3-4 with 8-12 reps.


Towel Bicep Curl

Having a towel for only drying or rubbing your body after taking bath are the practices of the past. Now you can also use the towel to train your bicep muscles which will effectively result in the growth of your biceps. This exercise can be performed in two ways- first, by putting your leg in between the long towel and other you can hang on some weight to the middle of your towel. Here we will discuss how to do towel bicep curl by using the leg, so the below instructions are for that move only.

To do

  • Firstly, you should have a good length of the towel so that you didn’t have to fold it which will distract you from the exercise.
  • Now place the towel below your left thigh portion of the leg where your knee starts to bend.
  • Hold each end of the towel with both hands keeping the towel length the same in both hands.
  • Start the move by applying force from your hands or bicep muscle to move your left knee to the lower chest level.
  • After reaching bring it down slowly but didn’t touch the ground, the leg should always be in the air and held by both hands.
  • Repeat this movement and you can also elevate your knee level sometimes to make more resistance for bicep muscles.
  • Don’t forget to do this on both legs in order to relax another leg.
  • Do 15-20 movements of these.






In this article, you will have to know the best biceps workout everyone can do comfortably at home. Sometimes, it’s harder for people to reach out gym because of their busy schedule or other reasons these all six exercises are invented to solve the problem of those people. Exercises include- inverted row, resistance band bicep curls, banded hammer curl, neutral grip pull-up, reverse grip pull-up, towel bicep curl. You will have an exciting journey read ahead.



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