Cognition Crisis: All The Health Issues Coming With Technology And Its Use

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The digital era has brought tons of leverages with itself, we can’t deny the fact that our lives are much more luxurious and easy as compared to the old traditional days. But currently we are living in the most extended and extremist phase of technology, and this has brought the worst things to the plate. From severe depression in teenagers to the ultimate generation gap, technology can be found as the culprit in the recent health issues.

We often hear older people complaining about millennials being lazier, crazier and less productive. We, being the youngsters in today’s world, find it extremely irritating and unjustified to label each and every one of us with certain ‘imperfections’, I mean come on, it’s not like people in olden times were perfect in everything!

But believe it or not, they are right with their labeling because the recent health researchers have proven it :

Cognition Crisis: All negative factors coming in with technology is super-alarming


Ever wondered how numerous young people, despite their tough routine, complains about being sleepless? Or wondered how you sit down to do your work but feel extremely unproductive, even though you know how important that work is? Or noticed how you, after a quick lunch break, come back to your work table just to find yourself uninterested in the work anymore?
All these things are happening to most of us but we never found it important enough to debate on. But this health article will depict the latest health discovery, cognition crisis, to encourage people in becoming more sensitive about their health.

According to Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Ph.D., professor of Neurology and Psychiatry Physiology at University of California, San Francisco, that all the negative outcomes we are witnessing as a result of technology “ is called cognition crisis”.

He further explained that

“There is strong evidence of the negative toll technology can take — from emotional regulation; the association with depression, anxiety, and attention deficit; and the impact on productivity, performance, relationships, compassion, empathy, and a number of other aspects.”

Not only Gazzaley, but many other researchers and people associated with medical, health and fitness sectors feel the urge to talk more about this alarming situation.

The Blue Light Can Make You Blind:

There are so many negative outcomes associated with the continuous use of technology, but the most horrible result goes something like this:

Another recent research from the University of Toledo state states that the blue light emitting from your television, mobile phone, tablets etc has the capability to alter cells in your eyes that may lead to night blindness and other eye diseases. It’s not only about eyes, but the continuous surfing and use of social media sites can damage your Mind as well. While discussing the cognition crisis and its intensity, Dr. Adam Gazzaley told how your few minutes of Instagramming on your lunch table or your few minutes of Facebook-ing checking while studying can disrupt your productivity.

In conclusion, I would like to say that If we didn’t address these health questions on an international platform, we might have a future generation fully or partially abnormal and we, on the other hand, will dwell in guilt for creating a disastrous world for them.


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