All You Need to Know About Invisalign and Other Invisible Braces

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Invisalign is a type of invisible braces that has gained popularity among adults because of its advantages over the other types of braces. These Invisalign braces are a great choice for those who want to straighten their teeth without having a smile-interrupting metal in their mouth.

Many questions have been asked concerning the Invisalign braces. Many people want to know about Invisalign cost, efficiency and the best brand. In this article, you will be finding answers to the questions you’ve been having in your mind about Invisalign and other invisible braces and so much more.

Invisible Braces, What Are They?                                                  

These invisible braces are not as invisible as they are called. They are just made by advanced technology to be barely noticeable. Some people cannot know a person wears the invisible braces until they are told.

There is a type of invisible braces that is most preferred in the UK. It is the Invisalign clear braces system though other brands perform the same function using almost the same mode of operation. As we progress, you will get to know how to choose from all the types of invisible braces that are available.

There are a lot of problems that can be treated with teeth aligners. They range from moderate to mild tooth alignment problems, and some of them include crooked teeth, overcrowding, crossbite, gappy teeth, overbite, underbite and open bite. People whose teeth have started moving back to their previous position after undergoing an orthodontic treatment before can still use this invisible braces.

There are about 90% of orthodontic cases that can be treated by the use of Invisalign invisible braces. The remaining ones are the very severe cases which may need other types of braces to be adequately treated. Many people are eligible to use the Invisalign invisible braces, but there are a few who are not.

Is Invisalign Braces are more effective than traditional braces?                                                                  

Many people are talking about this new set of invisible braces. This is because of its discreet nature in helping patients achieve a better smile. It has become more like a hush-hush secret.

This type of invisible braces is more like a saviour to adults who have always been sceptical about wearing the traditional braces even though they feel relatively uncomfortable about the look of their teeth.

Many people wear the aligners to look better without knowing that having teeth which do not align properly can lead to dental problems in the future. This is because misaligned teeth cannot be easily be cleaned properly. This is a reason many people should consider getting a set of invisible braces.

People also go for the invisible braces at work because of the confidence they get when they remember that their colleagues and others cannot easily know they are wearing braces.  They have a general believe that braces are for children, so seeing an adult wear them will give off an uncomfortable feeling. This stigmatisation though it is lessening is the reason many adults prefer to go for the invisible braces.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above; there is another which pushes people into the use of these teeth aligners. This reason is if they have a big day in which they have to look their best. Many brides will not like to see some metallic braces popping up in their wedding pictures, so they run to something less conspicuous. Some adults and teens choose this mode of treatment because they play some wind instruments and sports where the use of traditional braces is not recommended.

What is Their Mode of Operation?                                                                                

Every brace is designed to fit your teeth, and its shape is such that allows pressure to be applied in the right places so that the teeth can be slowly shifted into alignment.

Before your dentist proceeds to treating you with an Invisalign, he will have to begin by directly scanning your teeth using the latest imaging technology or taking a mould of your teeth to scan. This scan helps the dentist plan your treatment in stages with a computer program’s help. The result of these will be used to create your aligners.

This computer program carries out a 3D plan that will help you see how your teeth will look when the treatment is over. This can also help you have a memory of how your teeth were before you commenced the treatment process. With these, your dentist will proceed to discuss the treatment options with you.

There are conditions where the dentist may recommend teeth filling when your treatment is ongoing. This teeth filling process is a painless process that helps in creating small spaces between your teeth so that the teeth will be able to move. This also gives a perfect finished look at the end of the treatment.

After going through these processes, you will be ready to rock your new set of braces. These braces will have to be changed either weekly or biweekly depending on the recommendation of your dentist though this does not mean your checkups will be that frequent. The checkups will be carried out in every four to six weeks before getting your aligners replaced with new ones.

The duration of this treatment differs depending on the severity of your condition. It may last between nine to 18 months, but mostly, it usually lasts over a year. The cost of going through this treatment also depends on the duration of the treatment since longer treatment will demand the making of more trays.

Invisalign treatment usually needs attachments called ligatures so that the aligners can work effectively. These ligatures will apply gentle force so that the individual tooth can rotate or undergo a more complex movement if necessary.

What Happens When the Treatment is Over?                                                               

When you are done undergoing your treatment with the invisible braces, you will need to keep your teeth in place at night by wearing a retainer. There are cases where your dentist or orthodontist may recommend you wear them during the day too, but you won’t be expected to wear them for long.

Many brands of Invisalign retainers use metal wires to hold the teeth in their place, but brands like Vivera retainers are made in a way that they cannot be easily noticed, but they are still noticeable.

The teeth can still move out of its place after alignment has been done. This condition is known as relapse. This condition can be prevented by continually wearing a retainer. These retainers can be worn for the rest of a person’s life if desired.

 Invisalign braces                                                                                     

The Invisalign braces were first developed by the Align Technology. This company was founded in 1997. This product got into the American market in 2000 and made its way almost immediately; it was backed up by a persuasive market campaign.

This was the first company that came up with something different because before then, every other company was coming up with lighter or whiter materials for aligning the teeth. Every type of braces produced followed the same wire and bracket technology. This is the reason the concept of invisible braces made its way; its really subtle way of getting the teeth aligned.

The Align technology began with just one product, which they called the Invisalign Full, but now, it has developed many other products that are used to treat various cases. The company has now successfully made a name for itself worldwide. As at December 2018, the company had a record of treating over six million Invisalign patients. This is a great achievement.

Types of Invisalign Clear Braces


This brand of Invisalign is used to treat more complicated issues with teeth alignment. It is the most common Invisalign treatment available. This brand takes about 12-18 months to treat a problem completely, but when it is done, the result is always appreciated.


The teenage years are a great time to get any alignment problem fixed because the teeth and jaw of a teenager are still undergoing development. With this reality, many Invisalign braces cannot be used for teens because they are not designed to adjust to the jaw of a growing teen.

Since many teens are not so disciplined, removable braces are not really recommended for them as they may be tempted to remove them with the slightest discomfort. Removing braces from time to time will elongate the expected period of treatment.

There is a brand of Invisalign braces that are designed for the teen. It is called the Invisalign Teen, and it is designed specially to straighten the teeth of a teenager even while the teeth and jaws are still developing. This aligner has some special features. They are:

  • Indicators which notify the parents if the braces have been worn for 22 hours a day
  • Tooth eruption tabs which give room for the teeth to grow
  • Special aligners which permit the lower jaw to grow and adjust and it allows treatment without the use of elastics.
  • Extra six free aligners to act as a replacement of any lost or damaged one.

The Cost of Invisalign Braces in the UK                           

The average cost of Invisalign Braces in UK  is £ 2700 to £ 6000. The braces provided on the NHS are the metal braces so if you must use the Invisalign braces, you must be willing to pay for them. The Invisalign Teen braces can be gotten at a lesser price so your child can have a chance of getting a well-arranged set of teeth and better smile without being mocked by peers for using metal braces.

You can proceed to find out if your teen can use the Invisalign clear aligners by consulting the orthodontist that offers this treatment.

As mentioned earlier, the use of Invisalign braces is a little more expensive than using traditional braces. Though this is so, it is still worth the pay because of the privacy it offers. The providers of the Invisalign braces in London are in your neighbourhood, and you can locate them and get an Invisalign offer.


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