Don’t Whiten Your Teeth in Winter

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During the winter season, teeth frequently experience heightened sensitivity and demand increased attentiveness, according to the consensus among most dentists. Experts provide crucial guidelines to ensure your smile radiates even in the colder months.

The lower the temperature outside, the shorter your conversations in the fresh air should be, advises the expert. This is because sharp temperature changes can lead to cracks forming on the enamel, causing increased sensitivity overall. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid consuming excessively hot drinks immediately after exposure to the cold. In winter, your teeth require heightened support.

Experts suggests, “Include hard cheeses, dairy products, eggs, fish, nuts, and seafood in your daily menu. After consulting with your doctor, consider incorporating vitamins and mineral supplements for prevention.”

Changing your toothbrush is an important rule applicable throughout the year, but in winter, given the harsh weather conditions and increased negative external effects on teeth, special attention should be given to this practice. It becomes particularly crucial to replace your toothbrush after recovering from an illness.

Under all circumstances, refrain from using whitening toothpaste and other aggressive home remedies, as their application lacks control by a specialist. Weak enamel can deteriorate rapidly, exacerbating the situation and causing the unintended effect of darker teeth. According to the doctor, “Avoid the use of aggressive whitening pastes and opt for gentler products containing a moderate level of abrasiveness and remineralizing components.”

Maintain Oral Hygiene Throughout the Day

While it’s a given that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, it’s crucial to remain attentive to your dental care throughout the day, even amidst a busy schedule. If possible, incorporate flossing or using a water pick after meals. As our expert suggests, this practice helps prevent the onset of cavities and periodontal diseases.

Schedule Regular Dentist Visits

Routine professional cleanings and regular checkups are indispensable for preserving a beautiful smile. Timely intervention is essential to prevent tooth decay and eliminate stubborn plaque. Through consistent brushing, your teeth will attain a beautiful, healthy shine and may even lighten by a couple of shades.


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