Imperative Natural Remedies and Ways for Breast Enhancement

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Female breasts are considered one of the most beautiful and attractive parts of the body. In this regard, many are interested in the query of how to enlarge their size. There are currently many methods that can help you get the right breast size. One of these methods is plastic surgery, but it has its disadvantage.

Furthermore, initially such operations are quite expensive, and a woman cannot afford such a woman, and, secondly, unfortunately, such operations sometimes do not go very well, so it’s a health risk and the beauty of the girl. However, surgery is not the only way to become more attractive. Today, there are many ways to enlarge breast size with simple methods at home.

Products that promote breast augmentation

The size of the woman’s breast is affected by various foods and few home remedies can increase the size of the breast to a certain extent. Here is a short list of products that should be used for breast augmentation.

  • The first product is obviously the kale. However, we find that this vegetable becomes less effective with the age of a woman. But if you regularly include cabbage in your diet from an early age, the girl will become the owner of an annoying bust in the future.
  • The use of green apples also means a bulky bust. In this case, however, more complex varieties should be preferred.
  • Another useful tool in this case is the use of dairy products. In other words, sour cream, ricotta, whole cow’s milk are useful.

Masks that promote breast augmentation at home

best way to boobs growing

Currently, there are several ways to use masks to enlarge breast size. For example, you can use an apple mask. Take the apples, cabbage and add a spoonful of honey. In addition, a breast massage is performed, after which the mask is applied. At home, you can also use cocoa butter. Such a product can not only make the girl’s breasts more attractive and spacious, but also give the skin vitamins that rejuvenate it. According to some reports, if you use this oil regularly, the breast can double. At the same time, apply the cocoa butter in the area under the arms, directly under the breast and between them.

Effective means for breast augmentation

The use of simple means for breast growth is a method for many girls and women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. And some homemade recipes work if you follow certain rules. Therefore, to increase the breast popular methods, it is necessary to use herbs and preparations for ingestion. And what is most effective is described below with some popular recipes:

  • The advantages of breast are famous. A proven and effective remedy is a tincture of hops. To get it, you have to cut three tablespoons of raw material, pour a glass of vodka. Close the bench firmly and place it in a dark place for ten days. Then use tincture mixture three times during the day for ten drops (preferably after eating).
  • Use hops cones to prepare infusion of water. Ten cones should be poured with fresh boiled water with a volume of 200-260 milliliters. Then close the container well and leave it for two hours in a warm place. Using gauze of mixture, the finished product by dividing it into three parts and drink portions before every meal.
  • To enlarge the breast in different ways with the help of hops you need to fill the seeds of flax. Take a tablespoon of each ingredient, pour out a glass of boiling water. Close the container and let it pour one hour. Then filter the liquid and take 60-100 ml two or three times a day after meals.
  • Beneficial and fragrant. It takes four spoons with a ramp of this herb, and they should be filled with 200 milliliters of boiling water. After one hour, the product must be filtered. This infusion is taken three times a day for fifteen minutes, before there is about a third of the glass.
  • Prepare a tablespoon of flowers from linden, as well as herbs wormwood and nettles, pour out three glasses of water and cook for ten minutes. The broth is filtered and drunk daily on the glass on an empty stomach, at least fifteen minutes before breakfast.
  • A few tablespoons of crimson root pour 600 ml of water. The container is lit, after cooking, cook for ten minutes, and insist on the clock, in the cold, on the filter. This medicine is taken three times a day and before meals and a half cup should only be taken not more than this.
  • You need to mix the seeds of millet, maize, barley and oats in a teaspoon, pour 300 milliliters of boiling water and spend half an hour. Take this mixture with the raw material for two to three tablespoons three times daily before meals.
  • Eat three tablespoons of a mixture of pine nuts and natural honey every day for breakfast.
  • Iodine Apply to the surface of the breast in the form of a grid with a cotton swab. The procedure is carried out twice a day. The method allows to achieve growth, since iodine has a local irritant effect, and the type of massage during use increases the effect and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Cabbage leaves that should be separated from the head, gently kneaded or cut with a knife to isolate the juice, and then applied to the mammary glands two times a day in the form of tablets for two hours. The acids contained in cabbage contribute to the acceleration of blood circulation.
  • Prepare rice with milk, put it on the breast in the form of a bag, let it stand for several hours or for the night under a food film or a food bag and wash it.
  • Dilute cosmetic blue clay with water or milk until you leave the solution, apply to the breast for several hours, and then take a shower.
  • Add 3 drops of essential oils of geranium, clove, bergamot and mint to burdock oil. Mix the mixture with massage movements in the mammary glands and wipe the skin. You do not need to wash the oil, you can remove the excess with a napkin.
  • Wipe the raw potatoes and use them as lotions applied to the mammary glands.
  • Grind equal parts of cabbage and apples and distribute the resulting mixture evenly over the breast surface. Place the food bag on top, hold the compress for one hour.


It must be remembered that the result of using the methods has to wait a long time, and some products can lead to various diseases and unpleasant effects such as weight gain. After all, one tip for everyone is that you love yourself like the way you are naturally, and others will love you too. But now you know exactly how to increase your breasts at home with simple means. Therefore, use these essential recipes for health and take care of your beauty.

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